Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


4. Witch

Harry didn't know what exactly they were talking about, he was confused and annoyed. He got so freaking annoyed that he shouted, "For crying out loud what the hell are you both talking about? I am the one who is in trouble and you both are not much of a help, I think. You need to tell me atleast what is happening?"

Cody stared at him for a minute and then said, "Sorry, so we need summon the spirit, but the ingredients will be difficult to find and plus it will be dangerous."
Harry cut off Cody in the middle, "You just said DANGEROUS right?" Cody nodded.

Then Harry said, "If it is so dangerous why the hell would we try summon it?"

Austin suddenly got angry and said, "What the hell, Harry? We have got take risks once in a life you can't just live a simple risk free life all the time."

Cody calmed him down and said to Harry, "I'm sorry from Austin, he gets a little sentimental sometimes. Ok, so I was telling you that we need ingredients for summoning this spirit but the problem is that the ingredients are very difficult to find so we are thinking of hiring a WITCH for the job. Though, witches are not so trustworthy but we gotta take our chances with it."

Harry thought for a while, "Austin is right we've got to take our chances so count me in on it. So now tell what can I do to help you boys out?"

Cody and Ausin gave each other a weird look that Harry thought to be some secret code or something and then Cody said, "So now we have to find a WITCH. Now let me think"

Cody thought for a long time in his serious werid face and suddenly sprang up and said, "Yes, i know a witch."

Austin enthusiastically asked, "Who, tell us who?"
Cody said, "Well, on a hunting trip I encountered a witch. Well, I think she is powerful and  trustworthy enough for this job. So what do you say?"
Harry replied, "Yeah, ok if its fine with you all"
Austin nodded.

So Cody immediately called the witch. He said a few words on  the phone and hung up. 

He said, "She's coming over in an hour or so."

Harry asked, "Did you tell her anything yet? Was she willing to do it?"

Cody retorted, "Harry you know sometimes you need to calm yourself down and take a deep breathe. You are always kinda jumpy and no I didn't tell her anything yet I just told to come her fast there's a problem. She's a good witch I think she'll do it. Well, that's what I hope."

Harry looked at him weirdly for a minute and then sat down. There was an awkward silence between the three.

The silence was killing Harry inside. So, he tried to say something but both of them hushed him. They told him to keep quiet because they were working on the summoning ritual.

So, Harry tried to occupy himself with other things.......Cause everybody knows that AN IDLE MIND IS A DEVIL'S WORKSHOP.
To Harry it was going to be the longest hour of his whole life. 

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