Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


10. Secrets...

Harry's POV:

I slowly walked down the stairs. I could hear the sound of the stairs creaking under me. Silence had reigned over the room now. I could hear every breath. But I felt my breath was the loudest, my heart was beating. I felt as if it was coming up to my throat. 

I could feel the tension building up inside me, slowly crawling up to my mouth. I was scared. Scared that anything more about the trouble I'm in will ruin my life. I was not ready. But I had to be strong if I wanted everything back to normal. I could feel everybody staring at me with pity, I tried to shake it off and try not pay attention but I couldn't. I couldn't just avoid everything happening around me. I had to give my best shot at what I had to do.

Cody said, "Umm...How you feeling?"

The question was actually very stupid. After getting to know that my life was ruined and some stupid apocalypse is coming and it is up to me to save the world. No, I'm not feeling well. 

I answered, "Fine, I guess so."

He looked at me for a while and said, "Oh, Okay."

They had not told what they were talking about before I entered the room. From the way Austin was fidgeting and the way Cody had asked the question, i felt as if they were trying to avoid the question. So, before they could say anything else I asked, "So, what were you talking about before? Tell me."

Austin replied, "Uh..Nothing just about something. Nothing related to you...." His voice trailed off from there. He didn't know what to say to me and obviously he was not a good liar. So Cody continued from there, "We were just discussing the case. We haven't come to any conclusion or anything. We were just discussing."

They were all trying to avoid the question. I don't know should I be happy or sad. But since they didn't want to tell me anything, I gave it up. There was no use to coax them into saying something that I might not like or might ruin my life. I might just enjoy what I have left and savour the little things. So, I lquietly left the room and went upsairs to sleep AGAIN.


Cody's POV:

I could see in Harry's eyes that he was scared and why wouldn't he be. All this supernatural thing was all new to him and for a normal guy he had reacted well to the changes happening around him. But even if he would have reacted out, it is him who is to be blamed. It is this goddamn broken world. Sometimes I'm just sick of it. But I have no other choice.

I was relieved that Harry had left the room. We wouldn't want him to know about the things that we had figured out. It was too early for him to know. We first had to find out somethings ourselves. 
Nobody had spoken anything for awhile and for once I savoured the silence.

Danielle finally said, "So, when are we going to tell that the spirit meant to say that everything is related to his past."

Austin rubbed the back of his and said, "After we find out everything about him. We are not gonna tell him everything right away." I nodded.

We couldn't tell everything to him. We had to be a step ahead of him so that we can explain everything that's happening properly and even if we don't tell me all together, it wouldn't be a problem because he doesn't even know anything about it. 


Tell me how the story is going and how can I tense things a bit. 

Thanks xx

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