Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


2. Ghostfacers

Harry courageously rang the bell. The door opened and a little girl opened the door, Harry asked the little girl, " Hello i'm looking for your father." The little girl went running inside the house saying "Papa Papa." After some time out came a young man in the mid - twenties, handsome and a tall man. He asked, "Yes?" Harry timidly answered, "Ummm......Are you the man from the site of GHOSTFACERS?" The man replied, "Yes, yes it's me come on in come on in." Harry relunctantly walked inside the house.

Once Harry was inside the house and settled down. He immediately asked the man, "What's your name and why did you make that site? Do you really believe that ghosts exist?" The man interrupted him and tried to calm him down, "Calm down, take a deep breath and relax. Everything will be fine." Harry replied, "How can everything be alright." The man replied, "Just try to calm yourself down, sir....everything will be alright soon. My name is Austin. Tell me your problem and i'll try to solve it"

Harry took a deep breath and calmly started narrating the incident to Austin. Austin listened to him very attentively and seriously. After Harry finished narrating the story Austin stood up and went towards the window and started thinking about a case he had years ago.

He then suddenly remembered something and he went to his library. He came back with a thick diary. It looked like a very old diary and had a rugged leather cover on it. Harry sprang up from his seat and asked, "What is it? It seems like a very old it something related to my case or anything?"Austin replied, "Harry, why are you in such a hurry i'll tell you everything at the right time. Just calm down for a second and try to think something good."

Harry couldn't say anything to that so he just sat down on the sofa and started to think about the good days he had with his lovely wife, Anne.

Austin sat down on the reclining chair with that thick diary and started flipping through the pages. After a few minutes, he sprang up and shouted, "Eureka, Eureka.!!!!"

Harry jumped out his seat with shock and asked, "What happened? Tell me......It's not something bad right, cause if it is i'm all ears tell me what happened"

Austin then stared at him in the eyes and said, "Now tell me is it really that you're broke and your boss fired you from the job." Harry replied, "I've already told you about it. Now just tell me what happened?" Austin replied in a harsh way, "Just answer the damn questions that i ask." Harry timidly said, "Ok i'm sorry."

Austin said, "it's okay. Now you tell me how did the doll look like?"

Harry said, "It looked like the doll her daughter had." Austin said, "Fill me in with more details, Harry."

Harry started describing the doll. He said, "The doll looked like normal had a long green gown with a pearl necklace around her neck. It had long blonde hair and weared a green cap. It looked like an ordinary doll until the doll suddenly started dancing and chasing me"  

Austin then again started flipping the pages through the old rugged thick diary and then he started thinking.

He then suddenly grinned and said, "Harry, I know who we are dealing with." Harry asked, "Who tell me? Is it really a ghost or something?"

Austin replied, "We are dealing with a......with a" Harry said, "Tell me fast Austin.....Who are we dealing with?"

Austin didn't say anything for a minute but this minute seemed like ages to Harry.  

He then suddenly said, "We are dealing with a DUŠA"

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