Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


5. Fear

The longest hour of Harry's hour was finally over. The doorbell rang, it seemed to Harry like it was his saviour.

Cody got up and opened the door. She came in and sat down the sofa. But, Harry was paralyzed to see the so-called. She was his neighbour. He didn't understand what to say to her. He was so shocked. He thought her, Danielle to be so normal and nice. He didn't ever think for a second that she would turned out to be a witch.  

Since, Harry couldn't say anything Danielle did, she said to Harry, "Well, well, who do we have here Harry Styles with a couple of hunters. This is a surprise."

She turned to Cody and said, "Hello Cody, so what can I do for you now?"

Cody told her everything about the doll, the spirit and their plan. Danielle listened to him intently and finally when he finished she said, "Well, I think i'll do it. I'll help you, guys. I am feeling a little cheery today so yeah i'll help you but you know it's gotta come with a price."

Cody said, "What price?"

She replied, "I want money 10 grand"

Harry said, "10 grand are u mad or something?"

Danielle replied rudely, "Yeah 10 grand, you know i'm risking my life here for you all. So yeah, I'm asking for 10 grand."

Harry started to say something but Cody stopped him and said, "We'll give you your money but you gotta do the work properly."

Austin and Harry had to agree with Cody. 

Austin gave Danielle the spell.

She read it and said, "I think i'll be able to get the ingredients for it but the bone of a black cat who was killed in a full moon will be hard to find but i think we'll be able to pull it off."

Danielle went to get the ingredients and left Harry in a miserable state. He was shocked on how his life was turning out to be. One day, he was living a normal life but the suddenly the next day he's making deals with a witch, trying to summon a spirit. He never thought that his life will be a mess. He looked at Cody and Austin they were sitting on the couch and discussing something. He didn't know what to do. 

So, he went to them and asked, "So what is our plan or is there even a plan."

Austin replied, "Well, the spirit is kinda dangerous it kills anyone who fears him. So, we gotta be careful. It also works in mysterious ways. So we don't really know what to expect and what not to expect."

Harry replied, "If the spirit kills anyone who fears, then you must count me out of it. I don't really want to die so soon."

Cody said, "Harry said you've got to be there, you're important you're the one who was warned so you must be special. You've got get rid of your fear. Its really important. Even if you don't get killed by the spirit you'll certainly die when the apocalypse is here."

Harry sat down on the couch. He was scared more now than before. He couldn't how will he get rid of his fear. He didn't really want to die so soon. He wanted to do something with his life, something and inside he knew that this was his chance to prove to himself and others that he was not a coward. 

So, he decided that he would be brave and fearless help his friends to stop  the apocalypse and save the world for a chance. 

Danielle came back sooner than expected with all the ingredients for the summoning. Then they all started getting ready for the ritual. The ritual was supposed to be done in an open fire. So, they made the signs for the summoning near the fireplace. Soon, they were READY. 

But, was Harry really ready?


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