Supernatural World

Harry's in trouble, supernatural trouble. Will he be able to sneak out of it?


3. Apocalypse

Harry was paralysed. He just couldn't say anything for a minute. He was petrified even by the word 'DUŠA', he just couldn't imagine what the word meant. He didn't even have the courage to ask the meaning of the word but finally he pulled up his courage and asked Austin, "What is a Duša exactly?" Austin quickly retorted, "Wait for it, Harry. You're very impatient. I'll tell you everything at the right time. Just wait for a few minutes." Saying this he went back to the library and brought another thick old diary, he then directly went back to his reclining chair and started flipping through the pages. 

Harry became miserable minute by minute. He just couldn't sit in one place, so he kept fidgeting and moving from one place to another. Finally after 10 minutes Austin got up from his chair and went into the kitchen.

He came back from the kitchen with two glasses of water. He gave one to Harry and said, "Here drink some water you'll need this for the next few minutes" 
Harry started shaking with fear. Austin then told him, "Try to be brave, Harry."
Harry said,"What is it, Austin? Is it something serious?"
Austin replied, "The spirit that you've encountered with is a Duša. Duša is a warning spirit. It warns people from a certain danger by giving signs like in your case the doll. This means that there is a something bad coming your way but i still can't figure out what."
Harry said, "Is my bad relationship with my family and my job related to it?"
Austin replied, "No, its not. Your bad relationship and your job is your fault."
Harry said, "Damn now i have more problems to look after, not that the problems that i already had was enough. SUCKS" 

Austin said, "Its most probably not trouble. Its DEATH because a Duša mostly warns about death. But there's always a certain possibilty that it is not a death warning. But we still can't be certain about it until we confirm it from the spirit itself."
Harry said, "Then how are supposed to confirm if it is a death warning or something else. We can't talk to a spirit, can we?"
Austin replied, "Yes, there is a way."

Just when Harry started to say something, the doorbell rang. Austin went to answer the door. Just then came a man in his early twenties came along with Austin. The man was around 5' 11" and fair with nice blonde hair. 

Harry stood up and asked Austin, "Who is he, Austin?"
Just when Austin was going to reply to that question, the man interrupted him and said, "Hello, i'm Cody."
Austin continued from there, "Harry, this is Cody, my partner. We solve these supernatural together. He's here to help you.'

Harry then sat down with Austin and Cody. Then Harry and Austin told Cody everything they had found out before his arrival. After a long time of explaining him, Cody said, "I think there is a bigger force at work here"
Harry asked,"What do you mean by a 'bigger force at work here'?"
Cody said,"I mean to say that I stumbled upon to a case like this once and from that i learned that a Duša always warns a person about something important about this world not only to the person. Mostly like Apocalypse. Duša is a spirit that mostly prevents Apocaplyse, if they weren't here we would alll be dead by now."

Austin was surprised. He had a blank face. It seemed like his mind was empty and he didn't understand a thing. After a long weird stare at Cody he finally said, "Cody, when the hell did we encounter a case like that? I don't remember anything."
Cody said, "Austin no need to freak out. I've been hunting for a long time. I encountered the spirit long before we even met."
Austin said,"What the hell, have you been hunting from the time you've been born or what?"
Cody replied, "Kind of. Since when I was a little kid I always used to watch my father go for hunting. I always idolised my father. He was my hero, he saved the world like a thousand times. We all are here because of him. He died saving this freaking shithole."

For a little while there was this awkward silence. Nobody didn't know what to say. Then finally Austin broke the silence. 
He said, "I'm sorry, Cody I didn't know...."
Cody interrupted him in between and said, "No need to be. Lets just pay attention to the case."
Austin nodded but Harry was still amazed how Cody thought about his father. He never did like his own father. While Harry was lost in thought he suddenly heard Cody saying, "Harry, Harry you there? You here with me?"
Harry then suddenly jerked and said. "Yeah, I'm here with you. Sorry was lost in some thought. So what were you talking about?" 

Cody said, "umm...we were talking about how to summon the Duša. I think the spell is somewhere in the book which my dad gave me. But the problem is to get the ingredients to summon the spirit. It will not be easy to find the ingredients. We also don't have that much time in our hands."

They all thought for a minute and finally Cody said, "We can hire a WITCH"
Austin gave a quizzical look at Cody and said, "Really a witch. Are you serious? We can't trust a freaking witch."
Cody said, "I know we can't trust a Witch, rookie. I've been in this job way longer than you and we have to take our chances."

Austin relunctantly agreed to Cody.


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