Home is where my heart is

Jasmine Styles is a normal school girl, she loves horses and music, shes pretty innocent never done anything with a boy as she has never found the right one to give herself to. she has just finished school and goes to london to meet up with some friends but then finds herself being stalked…but by who? the towns womaniser ..Harry styles. What happens when she goes home..will he follow all the way back to Devon? Lots of green instead of buildings..not much to do but He only has one thing on his mind, will it turn into something special…or will he drive her away…?


1. Dark Stranger.

Finally I've finished school, no more bullies and no more shit every day of my life but a lot more time to spend at home with my mum.... I need to get away. I was walking out of school one of the happiest people on the earth at this moment, I was just minding my own business when Kara came running up behind me nearly knocking me flat on my face, "Jazz! Jazzy!" She sang , "Umm..hey Kara what's up?" I asked confused, I mean why is she so happy she doesn't finish school till next week. "I have a trip to London next week... I wondered if you wanted to come?" She asked a little unsure, London wow one of the best places in England where everyone who is anyone is at, "OMG! Hold da phone! Are you serious?" I shouted now staring at her face for any kind of reaction, she nodded and smiled so widely at my I thought her face might break. We both walked home and said our goodbyes, she gave me the times and the dates next Wednesday, next Wednesday I'm going to London. Wow.

I got home and there my mum was going  through my Facebook, "Do you not have anything better to do?" I asked frustrated,  she is so controlling has to look at everything I do and I can only do things if she approves.."Oh shut up! That's all you ever do is take the piss out of me.." She spat, "Right okay no trouble, I'm going on a trip for a few days with Kara and Jaydee next Wednesday to meet some old mates, that alright?" I asked trying not to sound to patronising, I mean I don't mean to sound horrible but she drives me crazy she says she is scared of loosing me but the only thing she is doing is pushing me away cause he is so controlling, but anyway sob story over. She turned around in the chair staring at me for a few minutes, I raised my eyebrows and shrugged me shoulders at her, "what ever, do what you like..I don't care." She spat once more, god I could slap her.

The next few days went by quick, I spent most of it with my second family because they where the only ones who really understood and cared, me and my little sister Kate spent most of it with our pony. Before I knew it was time to go,we sat on the train after getting past all the security, the train ride consisted of music, singing and dancing in our chairs. Once the train had stopped I looked around looking for where we were going, I had no clue where I was or what to do, Kara and Jayde grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the underground. When we got to the hotel our main focus was boys, but keeping in mind I have never had a real boyfriend only fake ones in primary school but that doesn't count, Kara on the other hand is so different to me she had piercings, bright hair, big stretched ears where me on the other hand had a small stretched ear natural blonde hair and no piercings, but we got on so well she was like my best friend now...and then Jaydee was out of the game she had a boyfriend, "Guys your scaring him..!" Jaydee snapped at us, we hadn't noticed but we where staring at a tall tanned boy, tattoos up his arms just making his way to his room I guess, "oh..um... Sorry..." I stuttered, I was utterly mortified I hated being noticed by boys cause it always ended bad. "Oh lighten up Jaydee, we need to find our girly a boy!" Kara shouted, I looked around blushing like mad, she is so embarrassing. I was about to turn back to the girls when I locked eyes boys with a boy walking past the hotel, he was beautiful and looked like he knew it, tall, beautiful Curley hair, tight black jeans, tight rolling stones t-shirt and amazing beautiful green orbs that.. OMG gosh Jazz shut up, you have no chance! I was snapped out of my little trance when he winked at me, sending butterfly's through my body.. Wow what is happening to me, "Jazz? Jazz!? JAZZ!!" Kara and Jaydee shouted in unison making my jump around to them, "AHH! What?" I screamed in surprise, they both started giggling  uncontrollably, I picked up my bags blushing once again while I followed them to our room, I turned around when reaching the top of the carpeted staircase only to see the Curley haired boy checking in to the hotel. I turned quickly so not to get caught staring by him or my Friends. 

We walked in the spacious room and I jumped on the bed face flat in the pillow, "NO! We are going shopping! Get ready!" Jaydee chimed, while Kara was already getting ready, "urgggh.." I whisper groaned, I took a shower and changed into my Rolling Stones crop top and black skinnies with a red pair of converse, i did some light make up because i wasn't going to torture everyone with my natural face and back combed my hair, "SEX HAIR!" Kara shouted to which I rolled my eyes and I was ready to go. We walked out the room, while Kara locked the door, thank god it was sunny. We walked down the stairs and out into the streets of London, the hotel was right in the centre of London so we didn't get lost..but come on of course we would get lost once.. It was just waiting for it to happen... We looked around some shops trying on everything and anything. We ha shut walked out of holister when I walked into someone only to be caught in their arms, "Oh my gosh i-I'm so sorry.." I stuttered pushing myself back with my hands on their chest only for their arms to fall to my waist, "I don't mind." I raspy voice spoke above me, then I felt a pair of long fingers lifting my chin only  for my eyes to be met with those beautiful green ones....

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