Home is where my heart is

Jasmine Styles is a normal school girl, she loves horses and music, shes pretty innocent never done anything with a boy as she has never found the right one to give herself to. she has just finished school and goes to london to meet up with some friends but then finds herself being stalked…but by who? the towns womaniser ..Harry styles. What happens when she goes home..will he follow all the way back to Devon? Lots of green instead of buildings..not much to do but He only has one thing on his mind, will it turn into something special…or will he drive her away…?


2. Dark Encounter.

'To be met with those beautiful green ones..'

My friends had already ran off to blue banana and left me on my own with this stranger with tattoos running up his neck and arms holding me at my waist, when I tried to wriggle out of his arms his grip only tightened, "Umm..can I-I go..?" I whispered half scared of the beautiful boy that was standing in front of me, I was now able to see the piercings on his face and the smirk on it grew. He started to lean into me ear while kissing up my neck and along me jaw until finally nibbling on my earlobe and whispering in my ear "I'll be watching you.." He breathed into my ear making me body shake and me knees go weak, I could feel the cold metal of his piercings running along my skin, "HARRY ARE COMING?!" A man on the other side of the street called, Harry that was his name, he kissed my temple and repeated his words "ill be watching you.." And again my body shook which this time caused him to laugh into my skin, pressing one last kiss to my neck he released me from his grip walking away to the other man, after a few metres he turned and winked at me once more and then with in seconds he had disappeared. What the fuck just happen....

I walked down the streets of London trying to find Kara and Jaydee, I know they were going to blue banana but where the fuck is it? After about 10 minutes of blindly walking around trying to find the shop my phone started to buzz in my front jean pocket it was Kara calling me, I picked up the call my fingers shaking uncontrollably, "JAZZ WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!!?!" Kara screamed down the phone causing me to hold it away from my ear and squinting my eyes closed from the high pitched screaming "I-I don't know....I can't find you..." I stuttered, i was lonely, lost and confused in the middle of the city I had never been too, my mind racing at the memories of what had happened just a few minutes ago. "Okay okay.." She sighed trying to calm herself Down after hearing the fear in my voice "What shop are you outside? Or near?"she asked starting to sound scared herself, I was an easy target for anyone, blonde, innocent and alone. I looked around to see which the closest shop too me was "I-I'm outside river island.." I stated, "Okay Jazz stay there! We'll be 10 minutes okay?" She asked sighing once more. We said our goodbyes and I was left to my own thoughts again, what was Harry's game? Why did he kiss me? Did he follow me? The thoughts flew around my mind making me feel lightly dizzy until I was snapped out of my thought by Jaydee and Kara running towards me, "Thank god your okay!" Jaydee said out of breath while holding me in her arms, "c-can we go back now?" I asked, I just wanted to be safe.

We got back to our room and all got changed into our night clothes I wore a over sized superman top that came to mid thigh while Kara and Jaydee wore bed shorts and tank tops, we spent the night listen to music and talking about the days ahead of us, apparently Kara wanted to check out the clubs and to be honest I wanted to wear my new dress, so it was official we we're going to one of the biggest clubs in London tomorrow. After a few more songs Jaydee had an idea "Lets play never have I ever?" She exclaimed, "but we ain't got no shots?" Kara stated sounding a little disappointed, I suddenly thought...the bar downstairs "hey I could go get some?! I think the bars still open and it's free for our room." I asked, I wasn't really sure about these things as I was the innocent one and didn't drink but I thought why not live a little, the girls told me what kind to ask for and then I was off down the dim lit hallway, i was just rounding the last corner to the stair when my wrist was grabbed and I was pulled into a dark room. My body shaking and my lungs struggling to contain the air I was inhaling, I was leant again the wall when I felt another body push up against me, causing me back to arch in pain, to my despair this caused the person above me to let out a throaty moan and pushing me harder into the wall, "you know you should really put some trousers on, I wouldn't want anyone else to see you like this..." The raspy voice whispered into my ear and for the second time today kisses where left up my neck and along my jaw, cold metal running along my skin...wait I thought "h-Harry...?" I whispered, my breathing shaky and uncontrollable "hmmmm..." Was all he hummed in reply, so it was him. I had just built up the courage to say something once more when he stared to suck on the skin on my collar bone causing me to wince in pain and arch my back, which caused my hips to push into his own, this seemed to distract Harry as he pulled away from my neck and turning on a light.

Wow... He was hot! If he didn't scare the shit out of me this moment would be perfect he stood in front of my nothing but his black CK boxers on and his hair pushed back, he was beautiful...a beautiful monster. I must have been staring because I heard Harry start to laugh above me, he leaned into me once again and start to nibble my earlobe, while once in a while pressing a kiss to me temple causing foreign feelings to run through my body, I couldn't control my actions before I knew it I had my hands in his hair and my legs wrapped around his waist, the fear still there but being clouded by these new feelings..wtf is happening to me. Harry now had his hands under my thighs while still pressing me into the wall until I felt him lift me from the wall a carry me away, I fear suddenly rushing though my body again causing me to shake but before I could do anything my body had hit the mattress while Harry crawled over me.....no I wasn't going to let this happen, I can't do this here or now or even with him, I can't give myself to some scary stranger. I opened my eyes to be met with his dark green ones...I swear they weren't that dark before...."shit" I cursed under my breath, a sudden wave of courage ran through my body, using everything I had I pushed Harry off of me and jumped from his bed and started for the door, I turned the knob and took a step out but before I could continue Harry grabbed me by the waist carrying me back in the room while shutting the door behind him.......

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