Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


28. The Plan

Marias POV

I woke up to a soft tapping on my door. "Maria babe" I sat up as the door opened and Jack walked in. "house your head?" he asked. I smiled and leaned against the headboard. "its better, how are you" I asked. he sat at the edge of the bed and smiled "good now that im with you" he winked. I laughed and pulled him over to me. we snuggled together and he covered us with a blanket. I let out a sigh and relaxed into him. "what have you been up to?" I was at the bank and then I had a nice talk with Harry and Liam." my eyes shot open to what he just said. in the moment we were having I completely forgot that Liam and Harry were in town. and then I remembered my talk with him and how it went. I started to get nervous at the thought of Jack finding out. "so how did your talk go?" Jack asked. "oh um it was ok" I said. I could tell he was looking at me. but I didnt make eye contact. I felt a hand under my chin as he pulled my face to look at him. "Maria whats wrong?" he asked. "Jack I didnt mean to it happened so fast and i regret it" I quickly said. he looked at me confused. "what happened?" he said. "we kissed" I whispered. I know he heard me his face dropped a little but all he did was pull me closer to him. I was ready for him to get angry or yell. I wanted him to get mad at me I dont deserve his love. "its ok, i understand" he whispered. what? I am so confused. I just admitted to kissing another guy not just any guy but my ex husband and he says its ok? I didnt say anything though I really didnt know what to say. I leaned into him again and closed my eyes. my mind was going crazy, why does Jack have to be so perfect?

Liams POV

"So wait you mean to tell me that you kissed her?" harry said. I nodded my head. "yes, but she kissed me back" Harry sat there thinking about what I just told him. we were in the back of the library. I guess harry and Margaret got along while Maria and I had our talk, so she let us into the back. "I bet you are confused" he said to me. I leaned back in the chair and looked at the ceiling. "yeah I am" I said. "ok so you love her right?" He asked. I looked at him like hes stupid. "mate I came across the ocean to get to her" Harry smiled "ok and you want her back" I raised an eyebrow at him. "well then you need to win her over. let her know that you guys belong together. let her know the fans love her and miss her. maybe she will realize that she still loves you and that its all true. let her know that even though you guys have hard times you can get through it together. and that you will always be there for her." he finished speaking and I was in shock . "wow Harry thats awesome" he smiled at me. "I know" I punched him in the arm. "weirdo" we both started laughing. Margaret walked in and gave us a small smile. man she is really quiet. "hey Marg" Harry said. I looked at him weird. wow he already has a nickname for her. she came in and sat down next to us. "i didnt mean to over hear but I might have an idea for a way to woo her" I looked at margaret with my mouth open. Harry gleared at me to close it. wow that is more then Ive ever heard her talk. "you want to help?" I asked her. she smiled. "it seems you really love her and im pretty sure by what i know of her that shes still in love with you"  she said still smiling. I smiled at Harry and then looked back at Margaret listening intently at what she had to say.

*A/N- LOVELIES!! the story  how is it lol? sorry about all the shorter chapters today is a rough day but thats ok :) cause I have you guys here reading :D also for all who care I put the first chapter up of Saved at Dark Hours!!:)*

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