Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


6. The Fan

Liams POV

I could tell it was morning by the light shining on my face yet I was still tired. I covered my face with the blanket and rolled over. THUD! "uhh" I moaned as I sat up. I looked around the hotel room and saw Maria asleep on the bed. I forgot for a second everything that has happened, and now I'm on the floor. I stood up, well I guess I will get up now. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my waist. I stepped back into the room and met my eyes with Marias. Her eyes went from mine to my half naked body and she instantly turned red as she faced the other way. "Im sorry" she said as she started to make her way to the bed again. I laughed. "dont be. I mean you are my wife." I waked to the dresser and pulled out my clothes for the day. Then I realised she probably felt uncomfortable. I turned to face her. "im sorry, if im making you uncomfortable just let me know." she looked up at me then down at her hands. "no your fine... i guess im still getting used to the fact that im married." I put my shirt on walking over to the bed and I sat next to her. "let alone you being famous" she finished. I let out a small laugh. she looked up at me confused. "whats so funny?" she asked. "I may be famous but Im just like you" I gave her a smile and I saw her blush again. she is really cute when she blushes. what are you thinking Liam. I shook that thought from my mind. "im going to go finish getting dressed. I can have Mike go get your things" I watched her face lighten up a little. "that would be great" she smiled. I went back into the bathroom and put the rest of my clothes on and then brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. My stomach growled. man am I hungry. when I came out I noticed a few suitcases in the corner. I then landed my eyes on Maria. her curls were pulled to the side and she had on a light blue sundress that came right above her knees bringing out her eyes. when I looked up at her face she noticed I was staring. "what?" she asked. I coughed. "nothing ... um .. are you hungry?" I asked trying to change the subject. her face softened and she nodded. "very" I smiled and she smiled back. "well lets go then" we both walked out of the room and was met by Mike and Paul "good morning" Maria said next to me. Mike smiled at her "good morning." I heard Paul cough from behind me as we made it to the elevator. the doors shut and he leaned towards me. "remember you two are married." he whispered to me. "thanks" I mouthed at him. I keep forgetting that we are. Maria was talking to Mike and they both kept laughing. the door opened and it was time to put on the show. I put my hand in Marias and we walked out towards the buffet.

Marias POV

I was having a good conversation with Mike when I felt Liams hand form into mine. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and then we walked to the buffet. "Liam, Liam" I heard I small voice behind us and Liam stopped to see who it was. a little girl maybe 8 or 9 stood before us. She was so cute with the biggest smile on her face. "hello and what is your name." Liam asked letting go of my hand and bending down to her level. "Olivia" she said. "well that is a very pretty name." she giggled and smiled big at him. "could I get a picture with you?" she asked. I watched as Liam picked her up and her mother I would assume snapped a picture. "could your wife be in one too?" I looked at the little girl with my mouth open. she wants a picture with me as well? "I think she would like that." Liam answered. I looked at Liam then at Olivia. Liam held his hand out to me once I took it he pulled me into him. "1..2...3" her mother took the picture and Liam let the girl down. "thank you Liam" she smiled. he gave her a hug. watching him with her warmed my heart. as the little girl was walking away she pulled out of her mothers hand and ran up to me wrapping her arms around my waist. once again I was shocked. I gave her a small hug back. "and thank you Maria" she said. I smiled at her and I felt Liams presence next to me as I watched her walk away. I could tell Liam was looking at me. I faced him a smile still on my lips. "lets go eat" he grabbed my hand again and then kissed me onthe cheek. I blushed hoing he wouldnt see. thats the first kiss even though it was just cheek it still felt nice. I cant get attached, I cant get attached.... I repeated that to myself. the kiss was just for show. once I tould myself that I was able to focus a little better. We had a yummy breakfast and a good conversation not really about anything important but we had a few laughs. I knew we were putting on a good show for the paps but I was also having a great time. "so what do you want to do today?" Liam said taking me out of my thoughts. I thought about it for a little bit. "umm i dont know.... we could just go look at the sights?" I said more like asked. then a thought came to mind. "where are the other boys?" I asked. "oh they actually left to go home today. we are going tomorrow" he said. "oh..." wow we were leaving fast. "so..." I looked up at him waiting for him to continue. "how about those sights" I chuckled a little . "ok lets go"

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