Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


8. The Boys

Liams POV

We pulled up to Harry and Louis' Flat and got out, Maria grabbing my hand instantly. I smiled to myself feeling her small hand in mine. Us holding hands has become like second nature, most of the time we dont even realize we are till one of us catches Caitlyn staring or Paul gives us a look. "Ready?" I asked Maria looking down at her. she slowly nodded her head. "dont be nervous they will love you" I said as I drug her up the steps shes quickly followed behind. Caitlyn was on her heals right behind us. "are you sure I can come?" I smiled at Cait "um yeah... trust me they love meeting new girls." she blushed but kept walking. wait does she like one of us? I thought about that for a second before the front door opened and Louis stood there smiling really big. "welcome to my humble abode." He said spreading his arms out in front of him. Harry walked over and pushed him out of the way. Louis outed at him. "Hi im Harry" He extended his hand to Maria. she shook his hand but he leaned down and kissed it, winking at her. she blushed. ugh he's flirting with her. I got a little jealous. mentally hitting myself, why are you getting jealous she's not really married to you, just shake it off. I said to myself. Harry said hello to Caitlyn and Louis did the same. Then Harry took Marias hand and led her inside. "I'll show you around" I watched as she and Caitlyn followed behind him. Louis turned to me and puched me in the arm. "so you are the first to get married?" I laughed "I guess so" he laughed with me but then we stopped awkwardly. "so wheres Niall and Zayn?" I asked. "should be here in a little bit." I walked inside with Louis and we sat on the couch. "so Maria seems nice." he said looking at me. "yeah shes great" I smiled shyly. "do you like her?" I looked up at him surprised. "lad ive only known her a less then a week." he nodded his head. "yeah but come on shes pretty hot" he winked at me. "well Harry sure thinks so" I blurted out. I mentally smacked myself again. why did I say that. "I thought you said you barely know her?" "I did, but I might like her I dont know. Harry shouldnt get any ideas though. I mean we are married you know?" I said. "your right about that... I'll talk to him." "thanks" I said quieter as I could hear them walking back to the living room. Caitlyn sat next to Louis and they started talking. I watched as Maria and Harry were still coming in Maria laughing at something Harry said. I tensed my fist. Liam settle down. Louis will talk to him. I looked at Maria and smiled. she gave me a cute smile back and then sat down right up against me. our knees were touching and all I felt was electricity. why am I feeling this way? Im supposed to be faking my feelings not really having them. Harry smiled at me and I forced myself to smile back.

Marias POV

Sitting next to Liam i always felt safe. and how his heat radiated towards me felt even better. our knees were touching but I couldnt pull them apart I liked having him right there. I looked at Harry and he winked at me. I blushed. harry is really cute and hes funny but I felt more comfortable with Liam. at that moment I heard laughing and someone was pushed into the living room. I noticed it was Niall and Zayn. "Oh hey guys" Niall said while laughing. his laugh was adorable. He looked at me and smiled. "you must be Maria" he said i stood and he gave me one of those famous Horan hugs Ive heard about. yep definitely a good hug. then zayn got off the floor and gave me one. "nice to meet you" "you too." I smiled at them and then sat back down next to Liam. Nialls eyes landed on Caitlyn and he smiled really big. he walked over to her and sat to her left. "Hi im Niall" she smiled back and shook his hand. "im Caitlyn, but you can call me Cait." he winked at her. "ok Cait".

"Ok, Ok, everyone this is the last round ok so lets get serious." Louis said while laughing. we all started laughing. "who am i kidding" I watched as they began the game again and Cait and I just sat there laughing once some one said something funny. during the game Harry kept looking at me and winking. I dont know how I felt about it but I would always look down embarrassed sadly I blushed as well so he was probably getting the wrong impression.  I looked at Liam and he was concentrating on the game he was biting his bottom lip and had to admit it was really cute when he did that. He turned and looked at me giving me a smile. I blushed and smiled back. damnit he saw me watching him. I turned and started to talk to Caitlyn instead. "so are you glad you came with" I asked her. "um yes..." she looked at Niall then back at me. "how about you?" I nodded my head. "I really didnt have a choice." "so have you talked to your parents and told them where you are?" I looked down at my hands then back at Cait. "no, but they really havent tried reaching me either so I dont really care" I lied. I do care I mean what child doesnt want their own parents to care. "sorry" she said as she squeezed my knee "its ok. I like hanging out with Liam" I smiled at her. "but looks like some one has an eye on you" I winked at her. "really who?" she said looking harder at me. "niall...." I said dramatically. she instantly turned pink. "you really think so" I nodded my head "yeah I really do"

Liams POV

"we want to see more of you girls" Harry called out to us when I opened Marias door and helped her in. our eyes met as I still had my hand on her waist. we stood there a second "you have really pretty eyes" I whispered to her. she blushed and looked down. "thanks" thanks thanks thats all just thanks. ugh why do I have to be having feelings for her. I shut the door and we made our way back to my flat. I looked in the rear view mirror and caught her eyes she smiled at me making me smile back. Caitlyn talked the whole way back. man that girl can talk. Maria just sat there nodding her head and saying an occasional mmhhmm. once we made it to our flat Caitlyn ran inside saying she had to pee. I started laughing and Maria just put her hand to her face shaking her head. "she is really hyper or something." I said still laughing. Maria slipped her hand in mine "the funny thing is Im usually the outgoing one and shes the shy one. " she said to me. I was shocked. "are you serious?" she nodded her head. "I guess with everything happening ive died down a little. " she finished. I tried to picture Maria being outgoing and it just made me laugh. "what?" she asked. "nothing... " she just kept walking and we went inside. she let go of my hand and started to walk up stairs. "goodnight" she called down to me. "goodnight" I said back.


*A/N hello Lovelies :) thank you for reading my story and I hope you like it so far! please let me know I would love to hear your thoughts on it:) thanks again for liking and favoriting it! *

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