Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


20. Moving On

Marias POV

I stepped off the plane and went to gather my bags. once I had my bags I walked to the entrance trying to find my parents. after my conversation with Harry, he gathered my belongings from Liams and then he took me to the airport. now Im back in Las Vegas where I belong... still for some reason I didnt quite feel like I belonged here. I squeezed past a group of tourists and saw my dad waiting next to our car. I looked around but I didnt see mom. my heart sank a little remembering our last conversation. the slap that still hurt me just in my heart instead. I walked up to my father and he embraced me in a hug. ''hi sweety" he said into my hair. I pulled away and our driver grabbed my things and put them in the back. we got in and took off towards home. "wheres mom?" I asked as I looked at him. "oh um she was busy and couldnt make it." he said. I could tell he was lying. he was always a bad liar. she was probably at home hiding from her country club friends because of her embarassment of me. Maria the girl her lied to the world. Maria the huge slut. I faced the window and tried not to think on the names and labels people have already said to me. I had to delete my twitter and facebook and anything else social media related because I couldnt take all the nasty comments. some of them I heard so much I was starting to beleive them. we pulled up to our home. I looked at the big mansion in front of me and I still felt alone. all the memories I have growing up here didnt give me any more comfort. sadly Caitlyn didnt come back with me because she stayed with Niall. I was glad shes happy though I dont want to take that away. I walked inside and smelled the familiar lavender smell that always lingered in our house. "yes... ok... that would be fine..." my mother walked right past me talking on the phone but she didnt so much as notice me. this is going to be really tough living in these standards. having a loving dad that always works. and having a mother who thinks im a dirty slut. I took my things up to my room and layed down on my bed. I closed my eyes suddenly feeling the jetlag setting in.

Liams POV

"what do you mean shes gone" I asked over the phone. "just give her the phone I only want to talk to her." I said again. I realized what I said to her before she left was not right and I wanted to apologize. "I told you shes not here." Harry repeated. as he was talking I walked up to her bedroom and swung the door open. but what I saw was nothing that I expected. I hung up on Harry and walked into the now empty bedroom. her clothes were gone and her shoes. even her favorite blanket. this room was now completely empty. I walked back out and shut the door. I leaned against the wall and sunk to the floor. she left... shes gone... I guess I should of expected this but not just yet. we still have 4 more days of our so called marriage. I looked at the band that was placed on my finger.


Marias POV

I sat at the bottom of the stairs looking at the diamond ring on my finger. I am officially an unmarried girl. but for some reason I just couldnt take the ring off. I looked at the clock and noticed my parents would be home in about an hour. if I was going to do anything now was my chance. the past 4 days have been hell. every where I go people would look at me weird or they would whisper behind my back. Ive had plenty of 1D fans give me the death stare. I couldnt take it any longer so I decided I would need to move to a small town some where maybe in a town that has barely any kids. maybe even a town with little to no social media. but I wa hesitant at first. after my last fight with my mom though it set may plans in action. I walked upstairs and grabbed my one suitcase. I barely needed anything for I would just buy my neccesities there. I put my shoes on and walked back down stairs. I went to the bar we had in the kitchen and wrote my note.

Dear Parents,

I have left to begin my new life in a place where I belong.

I know I didnt say goodbye but I didnt think it would be

wise. so this is my goodbye. all that I will tell you is I will be at a small

town in washington. I love you dad and Im sorry I had to leave

like this. and mom I will always love you even though you

have lost your love for me. please dont tell anyone where I

have gone, and please dont come searching for me.

Love, Maria

I set the note down and went to the front door. I took one last look at my childhood home and then shut the door behind me. I got in the car and we headed to the airport. as we were almost there I looked back down at my ring. I fumbled with it awhile and decided to really move on I have to stop wearing it. I took it off and put it on my chain that was around my neck and tucked it in my shirt.


the plane landed in the small town in washington. it was raining outside and I put my hood up on the light jacket I was wearing. getting off I grabbed my bag and found a beat up taxi to take me to the nearest hotel. "you're new here arent you?" the older man who was driving asked me. I smiled at him. "yeah I am" he smiled back. "well I hope you enjoy your stay." he said. we pulled up to a small two story building and I got out and grabbed my bag. "thanks" I said as I paid him. I walked inside and went to what looked like the front desk. an older woman maybe mid 50s turned around. "well hello dear how can I help you" she asked smiling. so far know one has noticed me and it was making me feel better already. "I was wondering if I could have a place to stay for awhile." I said she smiled again and then pulled out a key. "sure thing about 200 a month." wow thats really nice I thought. I pulled out my first payment and handed it to her taking my key. "have a good night" she said. I turned and walked upstairs. I found my room really easy and I unlocked it letting myself in. it was very small, it had a small living area with a very small kitchen coming off of it. then there was a hallway that I walked down and it lead to a tiny bathroom and then I bedroom. I set my stuff down and pulled out my blanket. I wrapped myself in it and layed down on the musty bed. it wasnt the most comfortable but I would have to make do. I closed my eyes thinking about the new life Ive started and how much easier its going to be. my mind for some reason was wanting to go back to Liam. I kept thinking of what he was doing and if he was already back on the dating wagon. my heart ached at the absentness of him. but some how I managed to fall asleep.

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