Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


23. Love

Liams POV

Harry and I have been standing in front of Marias parents house for ten minutes now. "Liam are you going to knock or not?" I heard Harry say next to me. I lifted my hand to knock on the door but then froze for the 3rd time. "we dont have to talk to them do we?" I asked looking over at him. the last thing I wanted was to get yelled at. He pushed me towards the door and then he knocked on it. I gave him a dirty look. "thanks" I said under my breath. I heard footsteps and a faint 'coming' from behind the door. the door swung open and there stood her mother. she noticed who I was instantly and she tried shutting the door in my face before a hand caught it. it was opened up again. "oh hello sir" I said extending my hand. he took it and gave it a few shakes before dropping it and letting Harry and I inside. "hello mrs. -" she glared at me. "dont speak to me" she hissed before walking into the other room. I looked at Harry and he had a shocked look on his face. I forget he hasnt met Marias parents yet. "So Liam what brings you here?" Marias father asked. I looked at him and cleared my throat. "well sir, I - well I " I started to stammer. "well spit it out" Harry said next to me. "I know that I have changed you and your families life. and I know that I hurt your daughter terrribly. but I came here looking for her because. well because I love her and I need to express my feeling to her in hopes that she will take me back." I said quickly. He looked at me then at Harry then back at me. his face softened and he put his hand on my shoulder. "son... If you truly mean what you say. then go find her. Im not mad at you I am mad at the situation you both were put in. I want you to be happy as much as my daughter. when she got back here she was in turmoil, she was very hurt and depressed. and of course it didnt help that her mother was being a bitch. but I know as much as her that she needed to get away and it has been sometime since anyone has seen her. when and if you find her things could have changed and I dont want you to be surprised if she has another 'friend' my daughter is beautiful. but also I know her enough to tell you that she finds comfort in love." He finished his speech to me and I was relieved to know that he wasnt upset with me. he took his hand off my shoulder and pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. he then handed it to me. "I have narrowed it down to two towns that she might be living in. I was going to go find her but I think you need it more then me." he winked at me. I took it and put it in my pocket. "thank you sir." he nodded his head. "now you better hurry" Harry and I thanked him one more time before we walked out the front door to the car. we got in and this time Harry was driving. "ok where to?" he said. I looked at the piece of paper "Walden or Nespelem".

Marias POV

I woke up and slowly climbed out of bed not to wake up Jack. I looked over at him. his handsome face so peaceful. my heart yearned for me to snuggle back into his arms. I threw on a tshirt and some sweatpants and then opened up the drawer. inside I saw Liams ring and the chain sitting at the bottom. I had taken it off before. I grabbed it and walked out of the room with a small blanket. I shut the door quietly. walking into the kitchen I grabbed a glass of water and headed for the balcony. I slid open the glass door and the brisk air hit me. I breathed in and sat down in my chair. I l looked down at the ring in the palm of my hand. everytime I thought back to Liam I was torn half of me felt like screaming and crying yet the other half made me want to find him and jump into his arms giving him a passionate kiss. I love Liam but I also hate him. I couldnt part with the ring still. I put it around my neck and clasped it. leaning back in the chair I covered my legs with the blanket and closed my eyes. I thought back to last night and how amazing Jack is. I thought about the way we fit perfectly together. and then I thought about what he said to me. he loves me... I let that sink in a bit before I sorted through my feelings trying to see if I love him back. he maked me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me feel sexy. I remembered the first time we kissed.

- Flashback-

"I cant believe you have never tried skipping rocks before." Jack looked at me dumbfounded. I giggled and leaned back into the grass. "nope never... I never really had time for 'fun' growing up" I said looking over at him. I watched as he stood up and brushed his pants off. he extended his hand. "come on" I looked at him wierd and grabbed his hand. he pulled me up which took no effort at all and intwined his fingers with mine making my whole body heat up. "where are we going?" I asked. "youll see" he smirked at me. we walked hand in hand until we came over a hill. down below was a small pond. there were a few ducks at the edge of it. He pulled me down the hill and we stopped just short of the pond. I watched as he picked up a smooth stone and rolled it back and forth between his fingers. he walked behind me and wrapped his arms around mine. I could feel his breath on my neck sending shivers down me. "ok all you have to do is hold it at an angle and then swing your arm back and flick it." he showed me with him helping me and I watched as my stone skipped twice and then sunk. "not bad" he said smirking. he let go of me and instantly I wanted him pressed against me again. I walked closer to the water and thats when I found the perfect stone. it was down a little deeper then the stone he had picked but this one looked perfect. I took my jacket off "would you hold this?" I asked Jack. He took it and looked at me funny. "what are you doing?" He asked watching me bend downon my hands and knees. "Im getting a stone." I said reaching as far as I could without falling in. I heard him laugh behind me I looked over at him and glared. "stop laughing." I said. he bit his tongue to try to stop from laughing. I looked back at the stone and reached even farther but thats when I slipped . "shit" I said right before I felt the rush of cold water enclosing me. the water was so cold and it was so sudden I got disoriented I flipped in the water trying the find my way back to the top. I was beginning to panic air escaping my lungs. I felt strong arms wrap around me and pull me to the top. we broke through the top and I instantly took a big breath in. Jack pulled me to the edge and we both flopped on the grass. I started coughing and I tried to stand up. He wrapped his arm around my waist and helped me over the tree. I was shivering so bad my teeth were chattering and I just knew my lips were blue. I watched as he pulled his shirt off definitely proving I was right about his body. and he pulled me into him. "Maria just get as close to me as you can." he said. I laughed a llittle. I snuggled into him as he wrapped my jacket around me. the heat radiating off his body was so warm. I layed my head on his bare chest hearing his heart beat. He ran his fingers through my hair trying to sooth me. I looked up at him. "I-im s-sorry" I stuttered. He gave me a smile. "dont be sorry babe, it just scared me is all" he smiled at me again. I couldnt help but pull him into me. his breath on my face as he pressed his forehead to mine. "thank you" I whispered. "for what?" "for saving my life" He pressed his lips to mine. his kiss heated up my body. He put his hand on the back of my neck. as I leaned in more soaking up the warmth. He pulled back and I smiled he caressed my cheek and leaned in again.


I felt a hand on my shoulder waking me from my thoughts. I looked up and saw Jack standing before me. I smiled. "good morning." I said standing up. he sat down and pulled me over to sit on his lap. I snuggled into him. breathing in his scent. "morning babe." his morning voice rang out. I smiled. "got me worried when you werent next to me" I looked up at him. "I just needed some fresh air." he kissed me quickly. "you ok?" I nodded. "yeah" I said smiling. I layed my head back down and closed my eyes. "Jack?" I whispered "yes?" he said back. "I think im falling in love with you too" I said. I felt him pull me closer to him and settle more into the chair.

*A/N- Hey Lovelies! im back :) im really sorry for it taking me awhile to update... i wont give you excuses because I dont deserve to. please let me know how you are liking the story so far:) ok so about the contest I need one more like before I tell you the guy!! im so excited XD and i will tell the winner hopefully at the end of this week! so keep entering!:) love you all:)*


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