Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


25. Liam?

Liams POV

"Ok Harry this is Walden our last town she has to be here." I said as I took a right turn passing a small sign that read 'Welcome to Walden'  there was a library and a bakery near each other. I parked next to the bakery and Harry and I got out of the car. "so think it will be easy to find her?" Harry asked  as we walked to the door. "I sure hope so" I opened the door and smelled the sweet  smell of freshly made goodies. my mouth watered just at the thought. I cleared my head and went back to business.  I walked up to the counter and a man probably late 50s looked up at me. "well hello son what can I do for you" he asked. I was shocked that he didnt recognize me. i guess thats why she chose this town not enough people to know who we are. "um yes I was wondering if you knew of a Maria-" he interupted. "Maria! of course lovely gal she is." he smiled as he spoke. i smiled. finally ive found her. "would you know where shes staying or at right now?" I asked. he thought about it for a moment then looked back at me. "if you head over to the library young Margaret may be able to asist you" he smiled. I nodded my head. "thank you sir" he nodded back at me. I walked back to the door and grabbed harrys shirt pulling him away from the bread. "come on we can get some later." I said as we headed to the library. we reached the library and harry grabbed the door and opened it. "after you" he gestured forward being funny. I laughed a little. "sshh" I heard a quiet voice say. I looked over and saw a young lady sitting at the desk. we made our way to it and sat in the chairs in front of her. "are you margaret?" I asked. she looked up from her book and looked at me before nodding "I am she" she looked over at Harry and blushed a little. I cleared my throat. "I was wondering if you might know where Maria is staying?" she looked back at me and furrowed her brows. "why?" she asked. fair enough not a lot of people probably come here asked for young girls. "im an old friend" she finally broke a small smile. "she lives in the inn just down the hill." I stood up "thank you so much" I said. she smiled and looked back at Harry who was playing with her rubberband ball. "Harry" I said. he jumped up and followed me. "bye" he called to margaret before leaving. we made our way down the hill and as I got closer my heart was starting to pound just thinking of being close to her again. "what if shes not here" Harry asked as we stood at the entrance. "well then we wait" . we walked in and I walked up to the counter. no one was there so I faced harry. "I guess we wait" I shrugged. I heard faint laughter coming from what seemed to be the lounge. I peaked in there and I saw a guy without his shirt on, on top of a girl on the couch they were both laughing and I smiled at how cute they were being. I caught a glimpse of the girls face and my heart stopped. I walked all the way in and my assumptions were right. I saw her beautiful blonde curls laying messily around her full face. "Maria?" I said. instantly the guy stopped and I saw her face pear around him and her eyes go big. "Liam?"

Marias POV

"Jack stop!" I cried out to him as he chased me down the stairs into the lobby. his masculine body in full view as he backed me into a corner. why did I have to take his shirt off? I cursed to myself. he was within inches of my face. I held his wallet tightly behind my back. he leaned down and barely touched his lips to mine. he was teasing me. "thats not nice" I pouted. "then give me my wallet" he said. I laughed. "promise me I will pay" I said. he frowned. "Im the guy im supposed to buy you things not the other way around" he whined. I kept laughing. I felt his hand snake around me but I managed to pull away fast enough and because of my height I went under his arm. "damn it" he said. I ran to the lounge and sat on the couch putting the wallet underneath me. he walked in and smirked. "hand it over" he said. I shook my head. he walked closer and now he was leaning his hands on either side of me. "give me the wallet" he smiled at me. I shook my head. thats when he started tickling me and I was now laying underneath him on the couch. "Jack!" I laughed as he kept tickling me. he finally got the wallet and he still sat around my waist with me laying down. I gave him a funny look and we both started laughing. "Maria?" I heard a familiar voice say. Jack stopped laughing and sat there watching my expression. I leaned around him. my eyes connected with big brown ones. I noticed right away who was standing in front of us. i guess I hadnt thought Id see him again though. I just knew my eyes were big. my mouth was already dry but I managed "Liam?"

*A/N- Hey Lovelies please let me know how you like the story:) whats your favorite part? whos your favorite character? what you think is going to happen next? :D okie dokie now about the contest well I have made my decision on who the guy will be so drumroll please ............. Louis!:) yea!! now that we know that it is just a few more days till I anounce the winner and I put up the first chapter!! XD I am so excited. I really hope that this book will be a hit with you guys :) ok well thank you for liking and favoriting this book if you ever get bored I do ships:) also I hope you all have a splendid day <3*

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