Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


31. I Forgive You

Liams POV

I woke up to rummaging in the small cabin. I sat up and looked over to where Maria was. she was throwing her clothes on. "where are you going?" I asked groggily. she looked up from slipping her pants on with embarrassment written all over her face. "I was hoping you wouldn't wake up" she said. I looked at her confused. "why?" I asked. she pulled her shirt on over her torso and sat down on th ebed next to me. "Liam last night was amazing" she said caressing my cheek. I smiled and leaned over kissing her gently on the lips. " I thought so too". "but I have to go back." she said. My smile dropped but not as far as my heart. "did it not mean anything last night?" I asked. she reached for my hand. I pulled away and stood up exposing my bare body. she blushed and stood up as well.  I walked over to my pants and put them on. "Liam..." she said as she put her arms around my waist. I stood there facing the door. "Liam look at me." I didnt budge. I didnt want to face the girl im in love with but wants someone else. I felt her loosen her grip on me. "Liam please." she whined. I finally faced her looking down. her face wasnt happy but it wasnt entirely sad. does she not realize shes breaking my heart. "Maria I just gave you everything but you still want to go back?" I said quietly. she looked at the ground then back at me. "Liam please lets just go back. let me talk to him. he probably doesnt even want to be with me anyway." she laid her head on my shirtless chest. I ran my fingers through her soft curls. I guess I deserved this, her having to choose. I kissed the top of her head. "lets go" I whispered to her closing my eyes and taking in the last bit of her smell before she pulls away.

Marias POV

Liam held my hand as we walked up the stairs of the inn. I felt very comfortable just like before. we stopped in front of my door. I faced Liam and gave him a small smile. "Liam you should probably go." I squeezed his hand. he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "I love you" I watched him walk back down the stairs until I couldnt see him any more. I facedmy door "ahh" I jumped a little. "god you scared me." I said looking at Jack standing in the doorframe. he looked upset, I mean I didnt expect him not to be. I sighed and walked past him inside. he shut the door and followed me into the living room. we both sat on the couch facing each other. "so you and liam were together last night, im guessing?" he asked. I nodded my head and looked off to the side. "yes we were" I replied. I felt him come closer to me and and place his arm around me. I felt awful cheating on him. I dont know what came over me. Im just in love with two people. I had to make my decision, I have to choose. Jack pulled me into him which surprised me I rested my head on him and he to me. "I love you maria, and I forgive you." my eyes got big. how can he forgive me. I cheated on him and with my ex husband. I looked up at him with confusion. he smiled leaning down and pressing his lips to mine. I got lost in thought. Ive made my decision. I just have to let the other know.

*A/N- hey guys im sorry I havent written in awhile. one of my best friends died a week ago and its been very dificult. but I am writing again. It might take me longer to get chapters out but Im trying. please llike and comment.*

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