Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


21. Fitting Right In

Marias POV

I looked at my calender hanging on the kitchen wall as I poured myself some orange juice. It has now been 5 days since I moved here and so far everything has been great. the towns people are very nice and the weather has been decent. I love rain so it raining a lot here doesnt bother me. I finished the rest of my orange juice and walked out the door heading down stairs. "Good morning Sue" I said as I walked past the front desk. Sue smiled at me as she finished writing things in her book. "Good morning miss Maria. out for another walk?" I nodded at her. "yes ma'am." she smiled and went back to work in her book. I pushed the doors open and headed outside. I could smell the fresh rain and could still see the puddles it formed on the old road. I took my usually route and walked up to the bakery on the top of the hill. passing the doors I could smell the fresh cinnamon rolls straight from the oven. I turned the corner and went around the back of the small library. inside the window I saw young Margaret sitting at the desk. she was about my age maybe a year or two older but she acted a lot older. her dark brown hair up in a neat ponytail. I made my way across the street where I started heading back down the hill to the Inn. once I reached the Inn I saw the cadillac parked in back. Bob must be here. I walked in and saw Bob talking with Sue near the front desk. I watched them talking as I took a seat in one of the chairs in the lobby. It was so ovious that he liked her but she could never see it even though I tell her all the time. "well have a nice day Ms. Fisher." he said to her tilting his hat. she smiled and returned the favor before he walked out the door. I stood up and walked over to the desk leaning on it. "so he ask you out yet?" I asked smirking. she hit my arm. "Maria... you shouldnt get in other peoples business." I rolled my eyes and kept on smiling at her. "so.." she turned around to set something down and turned to face me again. "IF he was to ask me to dinner what makes you think I would say yes." she said. I thought about it for just a second. "because hes a handsome man. and also a gent." I smiled. she rolled her eyes. "well it so very well happens that he did ask me" I squealed. "and?...." she walked into the other room in which I followed. "I said yes" I grabbed her hands and got real excited. "thats great!" I said. she started to smile. "yeah I guess Im excited. its tonight but I have to finish somethings around here so I might have to cancel." I sank a little. but then perked up. "no you will go and I will stay and finish up for the day." I smiled. her eyes got big. "I couldnt ask you to do that" I nodded my head and walked her to the bottom of the stairs. "go, get ready ive got it down here." I said. she looked at me like are you sure. I nodded and then she finally went upstairs.


it was around 2 o'clock and Bob was going to be there soon. I guess he was taking her out of town. Ive already finished up all of her business work but now I had to get started on her remodeling. she was remodeling the lounge so I walked in there and I began hammering in the door fame and some floor boards. after the floor board I made my way to the door frame and Sue caught my eye. I looked over as she was coming downstairs. she had on a very nice long flowy skirt with a peach colored button up blouse and her hair was pinned up. she looked beautiful. "Sue you look beautiful." I said. she smiled and blushed a little. "its nothing special." she said. "well I normally see you in blue jeans and a flannel T " she looked at her outfit then back at me. "yeah i guess its a change." we both started laughing when we heard the bell ring annoucing someone came in. I looked at the door and there stood bob. he looked just as handsome. but thats when I noticed a younger man standing next to him. they walked over to us. "Hello Sue Hello Maria" Bob said smiling extra big at Sue. he then looked at the young man and back at us both. "Oh sue you remember my grandson Jack. " he said. Jack held out his hand. "Hello mrs Fisher." he smiled showing off a very handsome smile. that smile wasnt the only thing handsome though. he stood about 6 foot had light brown hair nicely cut. his eyes were a dark blue and he had very strong features. I saw him look at me and he smiled. I smiled back trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach. "Maria this is my grandson Jack. he came to help you around here." bob said. Jack held out his hand. I took it and we shook hands he held it a little longer then expected but then we both dropped. I watched as Bob and sue walked out the door leaving me with Jack. I smiled up at him again. he smiled back. man am I awkward or what.... "so what do I need to do?" he asked. I walked with him into the lounge and pointed to the paint. "well we need to paint all the walls." I said. he bent down and opened up the can. we both got busy right away. during the whole time we were painting we chatted back and forth over just simple things. getting to know each other really. as we painted the walls I could tell he kept eyeing me which made my stomach do some weird things. I got him looking one time. and he turned away quickly which made me laugh. "what" he said defensive. I giggled but then held it back. "sorry. it was just cute"  I said letting out my laugh. he started to laugh also and thats when I felt something cold and wet and sticky on my cheek. I stopped laughing and touched it pulling my hand away and seeing paint. "you painted me" I said shocked. it was his turn to laugh at me. thats when I took my paint brush and swiped his nose. and gave him a smirk. after that last straw we attacked each other. by the end of our war we had paint in our hair all over our face and on our clothes. we were sitting on the floor leaning against each other when we heard the bell. I stood up quick and so did he. we looked at each other and both started laughing again. I couldnt help it he looked so funny. which I bet I looked just the same. we walked out of the lounge and Sue and Bob looked at us funny "what happened." sue exclaimed. I looked at jack and he was looking at me. "um we might of dropped some on each other. we started laughing again. they still looked at us funny. "ok well we better go" Bob said to Jack. they walked to the door and jack gave me a small wave and a smile. "Ill see you around Mar" I smiled back. "see yah". I turned around after they left and sue still looked at me weird. "what?" I asked. she shook her head smiling then looked serious. "youhave to clean up that mess" I stoped smiling and looked into the room. "oh ok "I said before walking in there to clean it up.

*A/N- Hello Lovelies:) I hope you are liking it so far! I wont have liam back in till a chapter or two from now but for reasons. please comment and stuff I would love to know what you think about whats happening so far. like how do you like Jack?! ok now about the contest I will probably have it for a week or two longer. I already have a few people and Id love to have more. you guys have no idea how hard this is lol:) well thanks again for everything! you guys keep me writing:D xx *

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