Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


16. Fight

Harrys POV

I was standing in front of Liams front door. I had know idea what I was going to do but I was furious. I banged on the door. "Liam open the god damn door!!" I yelled. I heard rustling around and suddenly the door was swung open. "Harry wha-" before he could finish I punched him square in the face. he stumbled back and put his hand to his jaw and moved it a little. "what the hell!" he yelled at me. I walked in and threw another punch but he dodged and and hit me instead. He can throw pretty hard punches so it didnt surprise me went I felt blood comig from my nose. "You hurt her!! you ass!" I yelled back. I managed to hit him in the face again this time he fell to the floor. Maria ran down the stairs. "stop, stop it" she said as she bent down helping Liam. she looked at me and frowned. I could tell she has been crying for awhile. her face was red and a little puffy. "dont fight" she said. it sounded like she was about to cry again. once she helped Liam up she walked over to me and grabbed her purse. "just take me away from here" she said a little quieter. Liam stepped towards us. "where are you going Maria? what about Caitlyn?" he said I could tell he was a little hurt, but I think she was trying not to care after what he did to her.

Marias POV

I looked at him and pushed my feelings away. "Im going to be staying with Harry, and Caitlyn is fine she has Niall." his face dropped as he saw Harry take my hand. "good bye Liam." I said. we turned around and walked out of the house leaving him behind.

I watched as Harry tucked a sheet into the couch. "you really dont have to sleep out here" I said as he put the pillow down. he looked up at me. "nonsense you will stay in my bed." he said smiling. he stood up and walked over to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close to him in a hug. he held me for awhile and I just kept my head nuzzled in his neck. he smelled really good. I smiled a little and pulled back looking at him. he was smiling. my smile dropped at how my heart was feeling. I was so broken. I still love Liam. sadly no matter how much he hurts me I think I will never stop loving him. "you ok?" I was brought back from my thoughts and I noticed we were still in each others arms. I guess I didnt realize how close we were to each other. "yeah just hurt." I said. he gave me a sympathetic smile. we stepped out of each others grasp and he walked me to his room. "ok well the bathroom is here, you know that. and Louis wont be back till late. hes probably going to be staying at Eleanors for awhile." he said as I sat on the edge of the bed. he pulled out a t-shirt and some sweatpants and handed them to me. I took them. "thank you" he leaned forward and kissed my forehead. "goodnight Maria" he said quietly. "good night Harry and thanks" I said back before changing in to his clothes.

*A/N - I know this is short sorry. next one im hoping will be longer. :) please comment and like or favorite whatever floats your boat!:) thank you for reading I love you all:)*

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