Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


22. Falling

Liam POV

The boys and I were sitting in the local coffee shop just catching up and having coffees. I was busy reading the paper that was laying in front of me. I admired the picture of Maria on the front. she looked beautiful. lately all of the papers and news have been about the quick disapearance of Maria. I miss her terribly but its my fault shes gone.


"Liam! Liam!" I heard a little voice call. I stopped walking down the sidewalk and turned to see a girl probably 5 standing in front of me her what looked like older brother stood beside her. "well hello sweety" I said bending down to her level. she smiled so big at me. I began signing her cd and shirt that she was wearing. I could tell she kept staring at me. I looked at her when I was done. her face wasnt as happy as it was. she put her small hand on my cheek and looked me in the eyes. "I know you really do love her" she said to me. I was taken back by what she said. how would a 5 year old know if I loved Maria or not. "yes I do" I said honestly to her. I shouldnt lie anymore. especially to my fans. she gave me a sympathetic smile. "she loves you too I can tell just like i can tell you still love her." what I was hearing come from this little girls mouth was astounding. "she does?" I asked her. she nodded her head. "go get her" she winked at me. I gave a small laugh and stood up. I smiled at her. "thank you" she smiled real big again before giving me a hug and walking away.

-end flashback-

"Liam whens the last time youve slept?" I looked up from my paper and saw all the lads watching me. "Oh um last night" I said trying to hide the truth. I really havent slept since my encounter with that little girl. Niall gave me a weird look before finishing his muffin. "is itnf Maarifhe?" he said with a full mouth. Zayn hit his arm. "dude swallow your food." I laughed a little. "Is it Maria?" he asked again. I looked away not wanting to answer the question. I felt a hand on m shoulder. "Liam... why wont you go to her?" I heard Louis say. I shrugged his hand off. "because I blew my chance with her." I said looking back at them. "Liam... I shouldnt tell you this because you did blow it but she told me that even if she tries she will probably never stop loving you" Harry said. I looked at him weird. "wait youve talked to her?" I asked raising my voice some. "well yeah we are friends... but I havent spoken with her since she left her parents. which was about 3 weeks ago." He said. wait she left her parents? but where is she? she has no more twitter or facebook or anything... I stood up and grabbed my phone. "where are you going?" Harry asked. "where is she Harry?" I asked. "she wouldnt tell me. she said she wanted to start all over. go somewhere no one knows her. I dont think she even told Caitlyn." I looked at Niall "No cait hasnt said anything." Niall said. I sighed. "well Im going to go find her. I need to tell her I love her and that I messed up. and if it takes me forever then i dont care." I walked to the door and went to my car. I got in the front seat and buckled. "wait" I looked over and Harry had jumped in my passenger seat. "im coming with, I will help" I smiled at him. "thanks mate". once we were both ready I pulled out driving to the airport.

Marias POV

"Jack could you hand me that" I asked as I leaned over the counter. He handed me the hammer. I hammered in the last nail and stepped back. "wow" He said next to me. I smiled. "it looks great doesnt it?" I asked he wrapped his arms around my waist leaning his chin down on my shoulder. "you did great" he said in my ear. shivers went down my body as I turned to face him still in his arms. I smiled at him and he leaned down touching his lips to mine. I barely pulled away our foreheads still touching. "we did great" I whispered. he smiled and I leaned in kissing him again. his tongue played with mine as I moved my fingers through his hair. these last two weeks have been great. Jack and I are now a couple and luckily no one knows who I am still. Ive actually began to forget my other life. as I thought this I could feel the ring haning from the chain on my neck burning into me. "ring, ring" I pulled away from him and walked around picking up the phone.

"Sues Inn. how may I help you?" I said into the phone. as I took the call I watched Jack walk around the room and I couldnt help but long for him. I am actually beginning to fall for him and hard. he noticed me staring and he walked over to me with a smile on his handsome face. he started to rub my shoulders and I fell limp but still was on the phone. I then felt his warm lips press against my neck. Oh god if he doesnt stop hes going to hit my sweet spot and he knows this considering our long nights. I felt my cheeks start to heat up as he inched his way closer. every where he touched my skin tingled. "yes ma'am" I said to the woman on the phone. "uhhhggh" I moaned I covered my mouth quickly and as Jack finally hit my sweet spot. "thank you" I managed to squeak out hanging up the phone. Jack went to my other side of my neck. "Jack I was on the phone" I said more like moaned. god he really knows how to make me feel good. I faced him and pulled him to me pressing my lips to his passionately. he had his hands making their way to my butt. then I felt him squeeze it. and I squealed. he started to laugh. I pulled away and he was smiling at me. I playfully punched his arm and turned away from him. "fine laugh all you want" I started to walk up to my room. once I opened the door I felt strong hands on my waist. "babe Im not laughing at you " Jack said. I turned around and he was smiling. "oh really?" I said raising my eyebrow. we walked into my house. and he was following me. "babe come on it was funny and cute, I love it when you squeal. especially when I make you squeal." he winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Jack leaned down and kissed me pressing me up against the door to my bedroom. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he took us into the room shutting the door. he laid me down on the bed and hovered above me. " I think Im falling in love with you Maria" he said my stomach was twisting so so much right now. I didnt know if I love him yet or not though. I pulled him down to me smiling.

*A/N- Hey Lovelies!:) I have been enjoying adding more and more people to my contest! its exciting:) I think I will let you know who the boy of the story will be once I reach 20 likes:) so what do you think of the story so far please comment I love seeing if people like my story or not. or if you wanted to give me ideas of what you want to happen? I know I said Liam wouldnt come in till the next part but I changed my mind haha. ok well thanks to all my Lovely readers!!:) *


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