Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


7. England

Liams POV

I put our last bag into the cubby above Maria and I's head and sat down next to her. she smiled at me then looked out the window. "hey guys these seats are way better then my usual flights." I looked over at Caitlyn and smiled. "glad you like them" I said and watched her relax into her seat in front of us. "thank you for letting her come." Maria said giving me a quirky smile. "Im just glad she was able to come." the plane took off and we were headed back to England. It was about 30 minutes into the flight when I felt something on my shoulder. I looked over at Maria and noticed she was asleep on my shoulder. I smiled to myself and pulled the blanket from the side over and layed it on her. so far this marriage thing isnt too bad. she really is nice and sweet and the fans love her. i mean there are some fans who dissaprove of our marriage but she was pretty strong when she read all the hate tweets. I felt bad for her but she wouldnt let me do anything about it. I could already tell she was stubborn from just knowing her a few days. "we will be landing in England in an hour" Paul leaned over and said to me. "ok thanks" he looked at Maria then back at me. "so how is eveything going?" "it could be worse... she really is a great person, well that I know of her so far." he nodded his head and I gave him a reasurring smile.

Marias POV

I awoke to Liam nudging my shoulder gently. I looked up and saw I was laying on his shoulder. sitting up a little too quickly he smiled making me blush. "are we here?" I asked trying to avoid my blushing. "yes." he smiled really big. "are you ready to see england?" it was cute how excited he was. I chuckled to myself and stood up. "wheres Cait?" I asked getting a little worried. he pointed to the door. "she already got her stuff and went out. " he said. "oh ok" wow I was a little shocked at how outgoing Caitlyn has been acting lately. Liam and I walked off the plane and were instantly having pictures taken of us and questions asked. Liam ignored them all and just kept his hand in mine pulling me through the airport to the cars. we made it to our car and got in. "Maria your awake" Cait said smiling at me. I laughed. "well i wasnt going to sleep forever." I winked at her. "isnt England beautiful?" I looked out the window and actually looked at it for the first time. It is really beautiful."yeah it is." I said in aw. as we drove I kept looking at the scenery taking in every detail of the breathtaking Enlgand. We pulled up to a big fancy house and Liam unbuckled. "well this is our house." he gave me a small smile. I looked at the house and my mouth dropped. was he serious I live here. I got out of the car and walked up to the front porch. i looked up at the two story house before me. Liam came up beside me. "is it ok?" I nodded my head I couldnt think of what to say it was beautiful. He took my hand and we walked inside. inside was even more breathtaking. giant living room with a fire place. It lead to a magnificent kitchen with an island. there was about two more rooms downstairs and Liam gave one to Caitlyn. when she went to put her stuff up Liam walked me upstairs. "this will be your room." he opened the door and lead me in. A king size bed sat in the middle of the room against the gray colored walls. the comforter was a deep blue and a flat screen hung on the wall in front of the bed. a dark oak dresser was underneath it. there was a walk in closet to the right of the bed. and then a big bathroom to the left. I sat my things down and walked around the room. "wow its lovely" i said. "im glad you like it" he smiled at me and walked to the door. "i will let you get settled in. oh and theres a pool out back"  i watched him shut the door after he left. a pool too? I looked out the window and sure enough a big pool below and a hot tub. I layed down on the bed, this is going to be nice.

Liams POV

Im glad she likes it. i walked into my bedroom and put my stuff up. It felt nice to be back home. i couldnt wait to see the lads. I was going to introduce them to Maria and Caitlyn tomorrow after we got some sleep. it was then that I realized how tired I was. I put up the last of my clothes before heading down stairs to get something to eat. I opened up the fridge and grabbed stuff to make a sandwich. "hi" I jumped and turned around "god you scared me" Maria was standing right behind me and she started to laugh. "im sorry" she said between her giggles. "its not funny" she tried to control her laughing. "yeah sorry ... not funny" she covered her mouth but that didnt help. I started to laugh as well. "ok maybe it was" i rolled my eyes at her. she smiled and her laughter died down. "hungry?" she asked looking down at the food I had in my hands. "yeah... do you want one?" she nodded her head. " i would love one" "would Caitlyn want one?" I asked. "actually shes already asleep." "oh ok" I began to make us both a sandwich and we engaged in small talk. "so how is the rest of the band taking our marriage?" she asked me. I looked up at her surprised. I hadnt even thought about how they were taking it. "oh um im not sure.... i guess we will see tomorrow" I handed her the sandwich and then took a bite out of mine. God it tasted so good. I dont think i ate all day no wonder it tastes so good. I finished my sandwich really fast. "uh hm" I looked up and realized I probably looked like a pig. "sorry" she giggled. "i didnt eat at all today" "thats ok" she said smiling at me. she finished her sandwich and then we walked upstairs. "well goodnight" I said to her as she stopped at her door. "goodnight." she went into the room shutting the door. I made it to my room and didnt even bother changing I was so tired. I just fell on the bed and then passed out.

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