Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


4. Caitlyn

Marias POV

once we made it into the hotel the bodyguards took us in the direction of the elevators. We rode up to the 6th floor Liam talked with one of the guards. I didnt even bother catching his name. The door slid open and we stepped out. It was really quiet I looked up at Liam confused. "we usually rent out the whole floor at hotels we stay at." I nodded my head. he took my hand and we walked to the second door on the right. "well heres my room." He looked at me. " well I guess our room now." once we got inside I was shocked at how big it was. "wow its really nice" he laughed a little. "its ok" It was at that moment I realized we were still holding hands. I dropped his hand and he coughed nervously. "so ... um do you mind if I go clear things up with Cait?" he sat down on the couch. "yeah go ahead" he replied. "thanks. the room number is 456 just so you know where I am." he gave me a small smile. "ok make sure one of the guards goes with you. you know for protection." I walked to the door. giving him a smile before shutting it.

I made it to room 456 with one of the bodyguards in tow his name is Michael but I call him Mike. I knocked on the door. "Caitlyn?! its me" I didnt say my name because I didnt want to get ambushed. Its weird how yesterday I could go anywhere I liked and not have to worry about thoughs things. boy how my life has changed. I heard the door unlock from the otherside. she stood looking at me for a moment and then pulled me into a hug "Oh my god Maria I was so worried when you werent here this morning... and then seeing the news." I shushed her a little bit before shutting the door. "I know and im sorry but seeing the news you understand why it took me awhile to get here." we sat down on the couch and she tried reading my face. " so is it true? you know about Liam Payne?" she asked. I lifted my hand up to show her the ring on my finger. "wow! why did you not tell me you knew him?" I laughed. " I never met him until this morning. I was drunk as hell and so was he. we didnt plan any of this. and now we are stuck together for awhile." she looked at me confused. "wait so you dont remember any of last night?" I shook my head. "and what do you mean stuck like this for awhile?" I let out a sigh before informing her on all that has happened in the last 12 hours. once I was done her eyes were huge. "so you have to pretend you love each other?" "yes... but when we are alone we just go about life normal... what ever that is" I said. I heard a knock on the door and she went to go see who it was. I sat on the couch. "um hi is Maria in here?" I heard a british accent ask. I turned my head to see Caitllyn and Liam walk in shutting the door. She smiled at me and mouthed oh my god. I rolled my eyes. "Hi Liam" he smiled "Hi so this is where you were staying?" "yeah" I stood up and pointed to Caitlyn. " this is Caitlyn" I said to Liam. he extened his hand and shook hers giving her a wink. she giggled and blushed making me roll my eyes again. "nice to meet you" he said. "you too" she smiled. "so since you are married to my best friend does that mean I get to meet the rest on One Direction?" she questioned him. he laughed. "of course but that just means you have to come to the UK with us." what? I looked at Liam. "what do you mean us?" he raised an eyebrow. "we are going back home." I shook my head. "im not leaving America sweety" he chuckled at my use of the name sweety. "since we are married now you travel with me and go where I go" he stated. I huffed. "ugh fine." he looked at Cait "is she always like this?" she nodded her head. "actually shes worse" they both laughed. "i am standing right here you know." saying that made them laugh harder. I walked to the door and stepped into the hall. "where are you going" I heard Liam ask as he followed me out. "to OUR room" I emphasised our. "I was just messing with you" He poked my side. "fine." I looked at Caitlyn "I'll see you later" I said before Liam grabbed my hand and we made our way back to the room.

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