Married?! ~ complete ~

What happens when you wake up in a hotel room to find Liam Payne laying next to you? Not only that but that ring that is on your left hand was not there yesterday!
- This is a story of two people waking up to a whole different world but with the help of each other find a way to over come the hard trials they will face. -


1. Prologue

Marias POV

"come on Caitlyn live a little!" I yelled over the music to my non-outgoing best friend. She was always so quiet and reserved. The total opposite of me I liked to party and have fun. She just tags along. She usually drives me home after the parties because I get so wasted. Caitlyn was about 5'6" and very skinny, she has long light brown hair that stopped mid back. her eyes were a very rich chocolatey brown. Me on the other hand. I stood about 5'4" curvy and have blonde curly hair that came just below my shoulders. My eyes are a dark green. Tonight is my 19th birthday and I finally got her to agree to using fake IDs. luckily we made it into the club at the hotel we were staying at in Las Vegas. (my parents are carefree moneybags). I already consumed two drinks and was still on my feet. "Caitlyn here take a drink it wont kill you" I handed her the rest of my beer as I moved to the beat of the music. I watched as she slowly lifted the glass to her lips and took a swig. "agh that tastes horrible" her face scrunched up as she took another drink. "but you keep drinking it!" I smiled wide at her. "just tonight Cait have fun please for me" I said into her ear so she could hear. I watched as she took another big gulp. "what are we waiting for!" she yelled. I laughed wow only half a beer can get her drunk better keep that in mind. I grabbed her hand and we made our way into the center of the dance floor. The beat of the music pounding through my veins as we moved our bodies in ways that you never thought possible. I swear I danced with and against so many different people I couldnt even keep track. Caitlyn had to go to the bathroom multiple times because of all the beer she was consuming. Come to think of it I have had a lot as well. I couldnt even make out faces anymore, all I can remember is dancing with the same guy for the past three songs. We were grinding so close together and I couldnt even tell if he was hot or not. Oh well I thought to myself, a guy is a guy.

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