In The Genes

Sarah Thompson is 24 years old, and for most of her life, she's had it rough. From being a young orphan to a teen runaway to a lost baby, she's never known what happiness truly is. But now, with a PhD under her belt and a brand new, off-world job, she's about to see just what life has in store for her. And with a handsome Major Sheppard by her side... she's in for the ride of her life.


5. Chapter 5

Spending all night in the infirmary wasn’t very fun, seeing how I didn’t have anything to do. It was now almost 12 in the afternoon and I was just getting the last of my things together for the mission. Sheppard had assured me that I didn’t need to bring too much medical things but me being the way I am, packed more than enough.

“My god, you sure you got enough things? You’re only going for a short trip, nothing that dangerous.” Beckett spoke, as I hurriedly moved around the room.

“I’m just getting everything ready for when we actually go to this new planet McKay found. It’s better to be prepared than not at all, Beckett.” I replied as I put the last of my things in the bag and zipped it up.

“Sarah!! We’re waiting on you, hurry-Ow!!” Sheppard cried over the radio.

“Take your time! Don’t worry, I like keep him in line.” Caz laughed over the radio.

“Okay. I’m on my way.” I silently replied, a bit suspicious.

Shaking my head, I grabbed the medical bag that I would need for this mission and put it on my back. Carson was right that the extra weight would be too much. I thought to myself as I made my way to the armory. Once at the armory I grabbed my pistols and their holsters and strapped them around my thighs before turning around and walking to the control room.

“Alright, I’m here.” I announced as I entered the control room. Dr. Weir, Teyla, Ronon, McKay, Caz and Sheppard all looked at me as though I was sick or something.

“What?” I asked, putting my medical bag on the ground.

“Nothing.” They all mumbled, looking away.

“Okay. So are the jumpers ready?” I asked, turning to McKay and Caz.

McKay's face turned hard and he said nothing; Caz snickered behind her hand and skipped forward, beaming. "They sure are. And just on the quiet..." she turned to look directly at McKay and placed her hands on her hips, all teasing and sass. "Mine was done first, wasn't it, Rodney?"

"Does it really matter who finished first?" I asked, wanting to get on with the mission.

"Well, yes, because it was ME," Caz replied with a flippant grin, to which McKay snorted and rolled his eyes. But as Caz turned away, he very almost fixed the back of her head with a proud little smile.

I smiled as I watched McKay and Caz and knew that even though the two of them fight and get on my nerves, they both liked each other.

“Dr. Weir is everything ready? I would really like to get this mission done with.” I sighed.

"Yes, we're ready. Sheppard, Ronon and Sarah, you will take the first jumper and fly on ahead, get to the right of the Gate. McKay, Caz and Teyla will take the other and flank the Gate from the left- once in position you'll engage the magnetic fields and should be able to rotate the Gate enough so we won't be arriving into a Black Hole... and speaking of, stay away from it."

We all nodded and split into our groups.

“I’m so glad I’m not with McKay and Caz.” I remarked as Sheppard, Ronon and I walked to the jumper bay.

“Those two don’t know how to get along.” Ronon replied as we walked into the jumper bay. Placing my medical bag down, I walked over to a chair close to the control panel and got the jumper started.

“Jumper 1, this is Weir! Every thing’s good to go.” Dr. Weir spoke over the radio.

“Copy that Dr. Weir.” I answered, as John sat down in the seat across from me and Ronon sat behind me.

“Alright, let’s get on with this.” John said, opening the jumper bay doors and taking the jumper up.

“Atlantis, this is Jumper 1. We are heading out, destination in 2 hours.” John stated.

“Rodger that John, McKay just radioed and said that the radio will be out for an hour for that time. So stay safe, all of you and good luck. Atlantis out.” The radio was silent after that.

Once we entered space, John put the Jumper into hyper-drive leaving us with nothing to do but wait for an hour until we drop out of hyper-drive. I was glad to have brought a book with me and got up out of my seat to head for my bag and grab it. Sitting down on a seat next to my bag, I rested my legs across the seat so I was actually lying down. Using my jacket as a pillow I started reading.

“So, Sarah. What you reading there?” Sheppard asked, leaving Ronon up the front and joining me in the back.

“Tiger’s Curse.” I stated, continuing to read. Lifting the book up, I looked over at Sheppard, who was now sitting across from me. “Are you that bored already, John?” I asked, putting my bookmark in and sitting up.

“Of course he is, at least he isn’t like McKay, he doesn’t know when to shut up.” Ronon implied, making me laugh but also feel sorry for Teyla. My book now forgotten as the three of us started up a conversation about anything and everything. It wasn’t until we could see stars out of the jumper cot pit that we stopped talking and got into position to get this mission over with.

“Jumper 2, this is Sheppard, does anyone hear me?” John spoke, trying to get in contact with Teyla and the other two idiots. “McKay!?” John shouted, making me cringe and almost cover my ears.

“John, its Teyla. McKay and Murphy are too busy bickering to even hear you!” Teyla replied, an annoyed tone in her voice.

“At least you can still hear Teyla,” I stated, humor in my voice. “The last time I was around them when they were bickering I couldn't hear for a week.” I said, as I sat down opposite Sheppard.

“Is that Sheppard?” I heard McKay’s voice suddenly say.

“Yes, McKay. Would you like to direct us to where the Stargate is!” Sheppard barked, irritated.

Tuning out of their conversation, I got myself busy with finding the direction of the Stargate myself. I may be a doctor but I do know a thing or two about alien technology. Having Jack O’Neil as my uncle does have an upside, living with him I was able to learn a lot about alien technology. I was even able to teach myself to speak a different langue, I don’t know how guess I’m just a fast learner.

“Sarah, what are you doing?” Sheppard’s voice asked, bringing me back out of my thoughts. “I’m triangulating the whereabouts of the Stargate while you two -aka you and McKay- bicker yourselves, I imputed the co-ordinates that McKay had and found it about fifteen clicks to the right!” I said, looking up to see surprised looks on both Ronon and Sheppard’s face.

“What? I may be a doctor and look like I can’t look after myself but after living with O’Neil for 4 years you pick up a few things. Sometimes he had to take me to Stargate command with him because he couldn't find someone to look after me, and that’s how I came to know McKay way before this and how I can read stuff like this.” I said, pointing at the jumper window that was displaying a map and other things.

“Can we just turn the Stargate around and then worry about how I can read alien technology, please?” I asked, frustrated.

Sheppard nodded and turned back to the controls and started us on our way to the gate. I could occasionally hear Caz and McKay bickering through the radio, making me really want to bash their heads together to get them to shut up.

Ronon and Sheppard would quietly talk to each other but wouldn’t dare say a thing to me; one, because I would probably yell at them and two, because they knew that once I get frustrated at something I’m to be left alone. Sheppard had learnt that the hard way; I was in the gym taking my frustration out on a punching bag -I can’t remember what I was frustrated at- and Sheppard had come up behind me; said one thing and I had turned around, swinging my right leg around and hitting him in the head, leaving a cut above his left eyebrow that took a week to fully heal.

As I had said, the Stargate was exactly fifteen clicks from where we once were; the black-hole nicely behind it.

I sat in my seat as Sheppard told Teyla and McKay what to do. I tried to listen but my nerves of being sucked into the black-hole had me blocking out what they were saying.

“Sarah!!! Sarah!!!” Sheppard’s voice brought me back out of my thoughts. “Huh?” I asked, shaking my head to get rid of the nervous thoughts.

“Activate the magnetic field.”

I quickly typed in a few things before hitting a button to activate the magnetic field. It wasn't till we had finally managed to turn the Stargate around without anything bad happening. “Alright, let’s dial the gate and head home. We’ll head out tomorrow and checkout the planet.”


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