"Harry and the band"

This Story is about Harry styles trying to go with the rest of his band to a Premiere on 
time. At the End they arrive but in a weird way. Check it out to know more.


1. "The Decision"

It all started this morning, when one of One direction's maneger called to ask about a Premiere that was going to happen for one direction. It was because they released this new album called Up all Night. It was going to happen in the UK. but Harry answered and said "How are we getting there?" "All the flights to the UK are booked". The maneger answered him and told him "I dont care." Find a way to get here." Did I mention the maneger was a pain in the butt. The same afternoon Harry went to Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis to tell themabout the Premiere, and told them the story. One direction were mad because they did not know what to do. Then Niall got the idea to ask some fans to get their father who worked at the airport to get them tickets. Then the fans tried and their fathers but they were still all booked.

Then Harry got a brilliant idea to go by car from Los, angles to Boston. Then the band agreed because they had no other choice.

On the fourth hour while Louis was driving he suddenly stopped! That was because there was a small puppy on the ground in the middle of the street with a hurt leg because of a car that ran over him. That is why they stopped and helped it. On the way there was a small animal hospital so they went in and helped it then kept it because it was no one's dog. So they went back in the car. On the fifth hour they just kept driving and suddenly stopped at T.G.I. Friday which was Harrys favorite restaurant. After they all ate meals they continued. 

On the fifth hour they changed drivers to Harry. While Harry was driving he needed the bathroom. Then all of the band wanted too. When the finished they continued and let Harry drive again but the rest slept in the car. After that on the sixth hour they changed the driver to Zayn. Then they got out of the car and stretched. There was 1 hour left so they left to eat again. After they ate at Mc Donalds they stayed awake till the drive finished. After 7 hours they got to the Premiere they saw Demi Lovato, they hung out. Then at the Premiere time they left to change in their hotel then saw many fans and had the best night of their lives.       Did I mention they found an airplane back!

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