Love Is In My DNA *Completed*

Ally's POV
I met this guy... Yeah I kinda like him, but I hate him. We get put together in a baby project... WHY?! Now I have to hide my love more.
Louis' POV
I kinda like this girl, but we are from two different worlds. I have a girlfriend and she has a girlfriend (She's Bisexual). Can this ever work?


1. Oh... My... Gosh NO!

Ally's POV

I walk into my classroom and put my books down. My girlfriend sits by me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Lindsey..." I look down. She's holding a bag of weed. She hands me my drugs. I give her the money.

"Thanks babe." She gave me a kiss then walked away.

"Hey lesbo!" Louis yelled.

"What do you want Louis!?" I yell.

"Heard you fucked Lindsey yesterday night. Can I take a go at your whore?" I look over at him in anger.

"Can I take I punch at your face?" He laughed with his friends. He stood up and walked over to me.

"Okay, Ally I know you like me. You can kiss me if you want. My girlfriend won't care, and your girlfriend won't care. She's been hooking up with Jason for three weeks." He got closer to me, "I can take you back to my place." I push him off.

"Back off." I stand up and grab my books, "Unless you weren't done talking about how you want to fuck me." He laughed.

"I don't want to fuck you. I just wanted to help with the whole thing with being a virgin and all. It's kinda embarrassing. Well I mean having sex with a boy for once." I roll my eyes.

"Whatever." I sit next to Lindsey and start making out with her. like full out. I open my eyes and look at him. His eyes were wide open. He went to his seat and sat down.

"Hey Lindsey. Can you ask your mom if I can come over."

"Erm, no. My mom and dad broke up. My mom is crying all the time now. How about your house." I laugh.

"Not after last time." She laughed.

"I'm shocked she let you stay with me when she saw us smoking weed." Then the teacher walked in.

Louis' POV

I can't stop looking at her. I thought being mean would help. Then I asked her out... How could she say no?

"Okay for our baby project you will need a partner with the other sex, or gender for you immature teenagers." The teacher told us.

I turn to my girlfriend.

"Hey babe wanna be my partner." I asked my girlfriend.

"No sorry Boo Bear. I'm partnering with Nick." She turned to Nick.

"Oh." I turn to Katie.

"How about you babe?" She rolled her eyes.

"Get lost."

I went through every girl in our class...

Ally's POV

I went through every boy in our class...

Louis' and Ally's POV

But one...

Ally's POV


Louis' POV


The teacher walked up behind Ally and me and put his and put his hands on our shoulders.

"Well I guess you two are together." He handed us a baby doll.

No! Please be a dream!

"Damn it no!" Ally yelled.

"Yeah don't put me with this lesbo." Ugh that was so hard to say.

"I'm not lesbian I'm bisexual." She snapped.

"Well then why don't you have sex with me."

"Because I don't want this to happen!" She held up the fake baby.

"Well our baby would be cuter then this on-. I mean you on the pill right?"

"Yeah but that's not 100% have you been listening in this class."

"Well we can use a condom also!" Then I got really close to her "Extra large babe." I smacked her butt and grabbed our baby. Yes I've been wanting to be able to say 'our baby' ever since the first time I saw her.

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