Love Is In My DNA *Completed*

Ally's POV
I met this guy... Yeah I kinda like him, but I hate him. We get put together in a baby project... WHY?! Now I have to hide my love more.
Louis' POV
I kinda like this girl, but we are from two different worlds. I have a girlfriend and she has a girlfriend (She's Bisexual). Can this ever work?


3. Love Me Hate Me

Louis' POV

I sit in my car. I'm such an idiot. I blew all chances. ALL CHANCES! I didn't think she cared about it.

I burry my head in my hands. Shit.

I get a text...

Come over please... Let's talk.

Ally's POV

I can't believe I pressed the sent button! I can't believe I dumped Lindsey. My stupid baby is crying and it wont stop. I just want to die. I'm such an idiot! I heard the doorbell.

I open the door.

"Hey Ally." Then I started crying.

"Oh my god. Damn it. Is this about my comment I'm sorry." I stand up and run into my room.

He runs in after me.

"Hey, hey Ally it's okay. I didn't mean any I said. I'm so sorry."

"It's not that." I say.

"Well then what?" He grabs my hand. Did it get like 1,000 degrees hotter in here.

"I broke up with Lindsey." He got closer. It's getting hotter. Get away I'm about to start sweating like a pig.

"Oh, why?" Then I got closer... WHAT THE FUCK AM I THINKING!!!!

"She did drugs smoked and drank. I thought I was into that bad-girl thing."

"You into a bad boy?" Oh good god his hand on my leg it's moving up slowly.

"Yeah..." Then he moved in. He got in closer then ever.

"Really?" He whispers as he gets even closer.

"Yeah." I whisper as I move in closer.

Right before our lips touch... My mom walks in.

"Shit." Louis whispers.

"Um, I'm sorry. I'll just go." Then she left.

"Um, where were we?" He started to move in and I pulled back.

"Jamie." He sighs.

"The babies name?" He asks.

"Yeah so now you know you can leave." Then I stood up then pushed him out the door and shut the door in his face.

I hear Louis walk out the door and slam the door and then yell 'FUCK'.

I lean against the wall and laugh an bite my lip. I wish I kissed him. I put the baby to sleep then I took a bath.

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