Love Is In My DNA *Completed*

Ally's POV
I met this guy... Yeah I kinda like him, but I hate him. We get put together in a baby project... WHY?! Now I have to hide my love more.
Louis' POV
I kinda like this girl, but we are from two different worlds. I have a girlfriend and she has a girlfriend (She's Bisexual). Can this ever work?


4. Love is Life... Deal With It

Ally's POV

I call Louis, no answer. Shit...

Three days later...

I heard something hit my window. I open it and Louis was sitting outside. He threw a rock and it hit me in the face with one.

I passed out.

Louis' POV

Damn it! This is what I get for trying to be romantic.

I ran upstairs and into her room. Damn she's bleeding. I hate life. I hate life. I HATE LIFE!

I pick her up and set her on her bed. I need to wipe up this blood. I have nothing to wipe it with. I take off my shirt and start wiping her face then she wakes up.

Ally's POV

I wake up and abs in my face.

"What the f-" I start.

"That's enough swearing for you." Louis said.

"What?" I look over and see Jamie. I stand up to pick up the baby but I get a sharp pain in my head.

"I'll take care of Jamie you have minor concussion you need to rest." Louis put me down. He walked over and grabbed Jamie.

"How do you know?"

"I'm going to collage soon for being a doctor." Louis said.

"Really?" That's cute.

"Really." He feeds Jamie and puts her to bed. He's such a good dad.

"Louis." He turns around.

"Yeah?" I wanted to say I love you.

"I thank you." He looked puzzled. What the hell was that... I thank you??

"Umm Your welcome I think." He walks over and kisses my head.

"Get better and again I'm sorry." Louis walks out of my room... Damn it I love him.

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