Love Is In My DNA *Completed*

Ally's POV
I met this guy... Yeah I kinda like him, but I hate him. We get put together in a baby project... WHY?! Now I have to hide my love more.
Louis' POV
I kinda like this girl, but we are from two different worlds. I have a girlfriend and she has a girlfriend (She's Bisexual). Can this ever work?


11. Love Always Leads to Babies

Love Always Leads To Babies

Louis' POV

I walk into our new house to find Ally crying. She looks up.

"Louis... Why are you cheating on me?" My eyes widen with shock.

"Baby! I only cheated the one time!" She picked up a suitcase.

"Whatever she saw everything! And she sent me a picture!"

Hey hun. I don't want to show you this picture but as your friend you may want to see this.

A picture of me beside the new fountain kissing a girl... Wait... That's the day I proposed this was Photoshopped! Who would do such a thing... Then I read the signature...


"Who the heck is this 'Kisses' girl Ally." She rolled her eyes.

"I don't know who is this whore you're frenching with!?"

"Babe that picture is Photoshopped! I have never seen her in my whole life!"

"That's what they all say. I'm moving back in with my mom." Shoot! I know what her mom is like she can't be pregnant and live there!

"Ally! Your mom is abusive and you know it! You can't be pregnant and live there!" She started to cry.

"Well you can't say that you're not! I was terrified of you! And about the baby... You don't need to worry... I took care of it." She walked out and slammed the door.

I open it back up.

"You 'took care of it'! I had no say what so ever! You can't just do that!"

"Well it's done!" She took off her engagement ring and threw it at me.

"I'm the father I should've had some say in it!"

"Yeah well you didn't!" I still had her phone and I looked at the picture closely.

"Ally! I swear I didn't do it! Please don't leave me!" I started crying harder then I ever had, "I love you! I know I've done you wrong so many freaking times! Baby I love you more then the moon loves the stars! Please believe me! And I have proof!" She walked over and grabbed the phone.

"Whatever I'm ou-"

"Look at her left hand ring finger! It's your hand!" She looked up, tears falling.

"I didn't get an abortion... I just wanted you to think that." She grabbed her suitcase and went into the house without another word.

"Who is this 'Kisses' girl! She's been blackmailing me fo-" My sentence was interrupted with a knock on my door.  I open the door... It's the police.

"Sir put your hands up." I obeyed.

"What's going on officer."

"Mam, your boyfriend is under arrest for rape and abuse. Sir anything you say can and will be used against you in court."

"Louis! What is he talking about!"

"We are talking about the day he beat you! Also when rapped Lizabeth Killo."

"I never rapped anyone!" The police show me a video.

"Sir it sure looks like you did."

"Ally! None of this is true! My lawyer will prove that! Just take good care of our baby!" She ran up and kissed me.

"I believe you." She said as they were putting me in the cop car.


A/N Guys I have a plan for this book before you get all mad! Trust me I got this!

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