Love Is In My DNA *Completed*

Ally's POV
I met this guy... Yeah I kinda like him, but I hate him. We get put together in a baby project... WHY?! Now I have to hide my love more.
Louis' POV
I kinda like this girl, but we are from two different worlds. I have a girlfriend and she has a girlfriend (She's Bisexual). Can this ever work?


6. Love Always Finds A Way

Ally's POV

I wake up and turn to my side. Ugh I have a headache. I open my eyes. Who's bed am I in? I look under the blanket...

"LOUIS!" His head shot up.

"What the fuck?" he asked.

"What are you doing? Where are we?"

"Shhh! Don't be so loud."

I stand up and run to the door. I open it and there's kids running in a hallway.

"Lady put on some more clothes." I look down. I'm just in my bra and panties.

I run into the room.

"Louis we had sex." He looks under the blanket.

"Hey look we did." He chuckles.

"This isn't funny!" I yell.

"It's kinda funny." He laughs.

"I'm not on the pill and I'm more then certain you didn't use a condom! Oh my gosh I'm pregnant I'm going to be a teen mom!"

"Calm your tits Ally. You're most likely not pregnant."

"No I know I am! We didn't use protection therefore I'm pregnant!"

"No Ally!" He smacked me, "Get yourself together."

"Damn that hurt!"

"You needed it! You are not pregnant!"

"I'm not?"

"No. Now do you want some ice cream?"

"I'm not four. Where are we?" He walked over to the door and saw a pool room.

"We're in a hotel."

"How did we get here?"

"Stop asking questions."

"Don't take advantage of me when I'm drunk!"

"Bitch please I was drunk too!" Oh..

"You were?" He rolls his eyes.

"Yeah I was."

"Oh." He looks at the clock.

"Oh crap!" he jumps up and starts getting dressed.


"I have a date!" I roll my eyes.

"A what?! We had sex and You have a girlfriend! Now I'm going to be a single mom to your baby!"

"You're not pregnant... Hopefully."

"Hopefully!?" I look around, "Where is Jamie?" He runs into the bathroom.

"Dang it!" He yells.


"The Jamie is in the toilet!"

"We are failing." I run into the bathroom.

"You puked on the baby!"

"It wasn't me!"

"Must've been when we were drunk. You idiot why did you get drunk!?"

"You know I like you a lot better when you were a virgin!"

"Ugh!" I start to make the bed.

"What are doing our baby is crying!"
"You deal with it!"

"I have a date." I pick up the baby off the floor and throw it at his head.

"Wow we are failing." He started texting someone.


"I'm calling off the date."


"So I can do this and not feel guilty." He dropped everything and started kissing me.

We kissed and kissed he pulled back.

"Yeah you were the one who puked." I laugh.

"I need to shower." I kiss him.

"Can I jump in with you?"

"Nope." I poke his nose and go in the shower.


I'm rinsing my hair.



"Because you seeing my naked once is enough."

"But I don't remember." He acting like a five year old. I put a robe on and open the bathroom door then open my robe.

"1,2,3." Then I closed my robe and the bathroom door.

"There happy?"

"Yep." Then he turned on the T.V.

"What are you watching?" I ask when I get out of the bathroom.


"No you're not."

"Yeah I'm not."

"You can't we're dating now."

"We are?" Louis asked with big eyes.

"I just thought... You know. We did sleep together and we do act like a couple." I say.

He stands up and gives me a hug.

"You know you are a good guy." I say.

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not." He got in closer.

"Yes you ar-" He stopped me with a short but sweet kiss. Good way to make me shut up.

Louis' POV

Okay so I know I was being all cute and sweet, but on the inside I'm freaking out!

She walks into the bathroom and I start freaking out.

Shit what if she is pregnant! I just kissed her like three times. She freaking full body flashed me. She SAID we're a couple now.

If she is pregnant... Then I'm going to be 16 and tied down with a wife and a kid.

I NEVER WANT KIDS! That's why I end all my relationships before I fall too in love.

God darn hormones got the best of me again.

Maybe I could leave the country and change my name to Bob! That would work right?

Okay that's stupid.

Oh my god now the freaking baby is crying.

I lay it down and start singing.

"You can't go to bed without a cup of tea. And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep. And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep though it makes no sense to me." I sing. Ally walks out of the bathroom.

"Wow who knew you could sing that good?"

'Yeah I'm thinking of going on the X Factor."

"Really?" I move my hair.


"Well good luck."

Then she stood up and walked away.

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