I'm In Love With My Teacher (Harry Styles) Sequel!!

Oh my god.. Yes! There is a sequal.. I decided to do another book ! <3 Just because I thought It was a good idea..!


4. Where Am I ?

Corey's POV 

I woke up with a terrible headache, my head was pounding and I couldn't remember what happened. I looked around and saw a girl looking at me. 

"Who are you ?Where am I? What happened?" I said looking at her. She was blonde blue eyed and short with a nurse uniform on.

"I'm Ava,your nurse. You are at the hospital your girlfriend brought you. And you got ran over by a car. We have been doing tests on you. Do you have any family we can call?" She said taking my blood and looking at me waiting for an answer.

"Uh.. Girlfriend? I don't have one. And no I don't really have family.." I said looking at my arm that was bleeding from the needle she stuck into me.  

"Okay well someone is waiting for you so yeah.. " She said walking out of the room and Emma started to walk in.

"Are you okay?" She said sitting right by my bedside, she looked so sad when she looked at me. 

"Are you the one who took me?" I said looking into her eyes and seeing how caring she is. Wow I can't believe she is dating that teacher. 

"Yeah.. I found you and called 911. I was trying be in here but they said I couldn't but I'm here now." She said giving a small smile, her mascara was smeared and her lipstick was faded.

"Were you crying..?" I asked looking at her.

"Yeah.. Harry was screaming at me.. Then I saw you and then I cried again.. So not the best day for both of us.." She said looking at the floor , I saw a tear stream down her face and hit the floor. I couldn't believe what happened. 

"He yelled at you for-" I started but then Harry,Tina, and Zayn interrupted. 

"Hey Corey how are you feeling!?" Zayn said walking in with balloons and gifts. I looked at him like he was crazy.. 

"Umm.. Horrible.." I said looking at all the stuff that he brought in. What are they doing here anyway.. 

"Well.. Emma and I have to go so come on Em." Harry said taking her hand. She stopped at the door.

"Wait. I hope you get better.."She said to me as she walked out the door with Harry. 

"I hope you get better to.."Tina said standing behind Zayn. She never liked me. She looked at me and put a little stuffed pupped at the edge of my bed. 

"Yeah, oh and Emma will be back soon. Just so you know." Zayn said taking Tina's hand and walking out of the door. Wow there all together, and I'm alone. This sucks.

Alone again. Wow this feeling really stinks.. I deiced to order food. 


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