I'm In Love With My Teacher (Harry Styles) Sequel!!

Oh my god.. Yes! There is a sequal.. I decided to do another book ! <3 Just because I thought It was a good idea..!


3. Hate much?

Emma's POV

What was Corey doing here? He looked like a mess. I wish I could of helped him, or cleaned him up or something.. Harry was kind of harsh.. He looked terrible... Like a mess. A bloody mess, there was blood everywhere. 

"What the hell was that Harry!?" I said in a stern voice he didn't have to be so rude. 

"I don't want him near you! Your little sister answered that door! You want the bloody werido in your house!? What if your parents walked in!?" He said screaming at me. I started to cry a little, he's never yelled at me like this. I hate when people yell it seems like I'm a failure. But I just wanted to be alone. 

I ran up to my room and locked the door. I turned on my music and started to tune out the world. Soon as I know it I could hear something at my window. I looked around the room, I was under my covers and there was black mascara everywhere on my pillow. 

I got up from my bed and looked into the mirror. My make up was everywhere, my face was filled with dark midnight black mascara and my bright bubble gum lipstick smeared over my face.  

I walked over to my window and saw Harry, Tina and Zayn throwing stuff at my window. 

"What the hell are you guys doing!?" I screamed as I walked onto my little balcony.

"Trying to get you out of your hideout!" Tina yelled from outside. 

"Well I'm not coming out.. I like it in here no one is mean to me.." I said walking back into my room. 

"Helllpp!!!" Someone says from outside. 

I ran out of my room down the stairs until I got outside. 

I saw Corey on the ground covered in blood. There was bones sticking out and he couldn't talk. I called 911

"911 What's your emergency?" A voice answered  

"There is a boy that got ran over I need someone to help me NOW!" I said 

"OK someone is on there way. Is he still breathing?" She said

"Yes but not as usual.." I said

"Okay make sure you keep a pulse and make sure his eyes are open." She said

I checked everything she told me too. I looked down at him. It was a hit and run. There was blood tracks where he was. 

I called Tina, Zayn and Harry to go find the car. 

"Hello, hello?" The lady said on the line.

"I'm sorry. Yes he is okay. When are they getting here?!" I said  worriedly.

"They are getting there as fast as they can" She said still on the line.


I was sitting there waiting and waiting. The was blood all over my shorts and on my hands. 

I checked his pulse and made sure his eyes were open again. 

I started to cry. I never liked him... But this shouldn't happen to him.. No deserves this.. 


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