I'm In Love With My Teacher (Harry Styles) Sequel!!

Oh my god.. Yes! There is a sequal.. I decided to do another book ! <3 Just because I thought It was a good idea..!


1. Happily Together

Emma's POV 


We sat hand in hand and just looked at each other. I am so glad we are together again. We sat and looked into each others eyes, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I looked at him and then I bit my bottom of my lip and looked around. I saw Corey.

I stood up and looked at Harry I gave him the 'look' he stood up with me and started walking. 

"Thanks Mr. Styles.. Uhh That was good at Romeo and Juliet scene for english! I will see you in class tomorrow!" I said while looking at Harry walk up to Corey.

Harry's POV 

I couldn't believe that Corey just saw me kiss Emma. This could get out.. I walked over to him.

"What are you doing here..?" I whispered and looked at the smirk on his face. 

"Going to see your 'girlfriend' ya know to do a scene of Romeo and Juliet." He said smirking at me and watching Emma sit on the porch. 

I take a look at him and a could feel the anger in me. I punched him right in the face. I kept punching him and kicking him. Then I feel someone pulling me off of him. I look up and I see Emma talking to me. But the only thing I hear is him 

Going to see your 'girlfriend' ya know to do a scene of Romeo and Juliet 

I snapped out of it and saw Emma trying to help him. I pushed her back.

"What the hell Harry!?" She said screaming at me. 

"Leave the piece of trash there, he deserves it. Let's go" I said taking her hand and taking her into the house. 

So much for a couple minuets of being happily together 

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