I'm In Love With My Teacher (Harry Styles) Sequel!!

Oh my god.. Yes! There is a sequal.. I decided to do another book ! <3 Just because I thought It was a good idea..!


2. Corey

Corey's POV 

I wake up from that epic punch and I could feel gooey bright red on my face. I wipe it up and take out my phone to see what time it is. 


What the hell! I'm going to kill this dude! I got up and brushed myself off as I walked up to Emma's door. I knocked and waited. Finally some little girl answered it. 

"Are you okay?!" She said and almost screamed, she looked like she was 6 or 7. She going to look like her sister when she grows up.. 

'Yeah is your sister Emma here? I need to talk to her." I said looking down at her. 

"What's your name?" She said looking at my face. 

"Why do you need to know?" I said with an attitude and tapped my foot and crossed my arms. 

"Because I want to know. Thats why! If your not going to tell me I will call the cops!" She said crossing her arms and tapping her foot. 

No.. No..


~~~ Flash Back!~~~~~

"Oh just take him away!" My mom said tell the cops that entered my house with guns and peper spray. My 'dad' just broke into my house and stole stuff then started shooting randomly. He was drunk and on drugs. He didn't know what was going on. He mental. Crazy. After that, I started drugs and stealing. My mom never saw me. I finally just lived on my own. The cops have been after me for a while but I don't care.  

~~~End Of  Flash Back!~~~~~

"Uh..Uh.. No..! It's Corey." I said looking down at her, she looked at me once again and ran up the stairs. I looked at my phone until i saw feet.

"What are you doing here?" Emma said looking at me. She looked beautiful.. Wow.. I looked at her and saw Harry. Oh yeah..

"Umm.. I was wondering if we could hang out?" I said looking into her hazel eyes, she always is so happy and has the best life, best boyfriend, best everything.. 

"No." Harry said looking at me and closed the door on my face.

Wow.. I walked off her porch and started walking down the street. I saw car lights and they were coming straight for me. 


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