Random 1D New Lyrics

random crap I made up so don't be surprised if you read some pretty weird shi- well ....you know

P.S.- I don't swear.... sorry


1. Live While Were Young (Girlfriends P.O.V.)

Hey boy I'm talking to you, I'm talking to you,

Come and please don't shut me out

And have a conversation, a conversation

Now there is no need to shout



Hey, he was just a random dude

Just pretending that he's cool

And you know that it is true too 

Yeah, he's just a crazy dude 

Thinking "I'm too cool for you"

So tonight

Please don't tweet how much you hate me and that I lie 

I swear to God I wasn't with that other guy

You know you always have been my only one

So let's have some fun, And live while were young

So let's have some fun, And live while were young



Hey boy it's now or never, now or never 

Come on and please don't let me go 

And if were still together, were still together

(I can't think of anything! Help me out! If you can think of something funny or somewhat meaningful that makes sense tell me please!)







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