Diary of a Directioner

Ariella loves one direction. Everyday she writes in her diary about something that happened that involves one direction. She is the #1 fan. What Ariella didn't know was that her brother josh knows one direction and those "buissness trips" he makes are really to go on tour. Josh gets a hold of Ariella's diary and the boys find it. What will happen next?


12. Zayn

recap: "Here he comes" sereen says and I look towards the bathroom. Wait isn't that- "who? All I see is Zayn" Harry says practically reading my mind. 

Ariella's P.O.V

"um... ya... you see Zayn sort of is him" Sereen says awkwardly. "Oh thats great" I lied. "Ya I'm sorry I didn't tell you but-" she started to say but Zayn cut her off by kissing her cheek and saying "Hey so I'm guessing you guys know?" "ya" Harry said and Zayn nodded awkwardly. We stayed silent for a couple of minutes until Sereen asked if she could talk to me and I nodded. We walked into the ladies room and we were fixing our hair and make up until Sereen said, "So I know this hole thing is very surprising and I don't want to overwhelm you but I really think i should tell you." I nodded nervously. "well.. i didn't tell Zayn yet but I need to tell you." She paused before continuing, "a few days ago Zayn took me to a club and we got drunk. We danced for a bit until we started kissing and Zayn got a cab and told the driver a address to go to. Throughout the whole ride we were kissing and Zayn started getting really touchy. He was touching me and kissing me and of course I was too drunk to care. Once the cab got to the address Zayn paid the driver and we got out. The address was a beautiful house and it was Zayn's mums house but he said that his family went on a holiday so he took his spare key and opened the door. He pulled me into the house and right when the door closed he pinned me against the wall and was kissing me. Things got pretty heated and pretty soon we were in a bed room. We were kissing and Zayn was touching me again and basically that night... we..." "No... you didnt" I said, shocked. "We did" she said, "and we forgot protection." I gasped. "So that means that you are.." "yes I'm pregnant" She said.


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