Diary of a Directioner

Ariella loves one direction. Everyday she writes in her diary about something that happened that involves one direction. She is the #1 fan. What Ariella didn't know was that her brother josh knows one direction and those "buissness trips" he makes are really to go on tour. Josh gets a hold of Ariella's diary and the boys find it. What will happen next?


9. important plz read!!

Hey guys!! Sorry no chapter but I am having a contest!! Now as you know, Ariella was talking to someone on the phone but we don't know who. Well the person in the phone is supposed to be her best friend so if you want to be that person then comment below with your:

1) name

2) how old you want to be in the story

3) hair color and eye color

4) if you want anything specific to happen in the story

Or you can e-mail me at dspretty01@aol.com

Bye my lovelies!! Oh and sorry I didn't update. I was busy working and I couldn't come online a lot.

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