Diary of a Directioner

Ariella loves one direction. Everyday she writes in her diary about something that happened that involves one direction. She is the #1 fan. What Ariella didn't know was that her brother josh knows one direction and those "buissness trips" he makes are really to go on tour. Josh gets a hold of Ariella's diary and the boys find it. What will happen next?


8. i want to come home!!

Louis' P.O.V

ever since we read Ari's diary Eleanor, Harry, and Ariella aren't talking to me. Ariella and Eleanor aren't talking to anyone besides each other and Liam and Zayn. Harry is only ignoring me and the girls. Its terrible. The boys and I went shopping with Paul and he made us go. Eleanor had to go to work so Ariella is alone on the tour bus. We came to the bus and as we were walking in we heard ariella talking to someone.

A=ariella ?= person on phone

A= "I can't stay here anymore."

?= "why not?" 

A= "because of the boys. They always go thru my stuff and I've had enough of it. They've gone too far. The only people I'm talking to are Eleanor, Liam and Zayn. I can't talk to anyone else."

?= " you can talk to them but you just don't want to. And what about harry? I thought you liked him?" 

A= "I used to but not anymore. He is not at all what I expected him to be. None of the boys are." 

?= "really? But last time I saw you, you were madly in love with Harry and you imagined being best friends with the rest of the boys."

A= "well cross those off my bucket list because it won't happen. But I am best friends with Eleanor"

?= "Eleanor Calder? I heard that she and Louis are in a fight" 

A= " where'd you hear that?" 

?= "tabloids. So anyways if you want you can come stay here. I think they are touring here in a week so see you then"

A= "ya I'll text you but I think the boys are here now so bye"

?= " bye" 

We walked in to the bus. "Hey" I said. But as usual, she ignored me.

What I want to know is who was that person on the phone?

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