Diary of a Directioner

Ariella loves one direction. Everyday she writes in her diary about something that happened that involves one direction. She is the #1 fan. What Ariella didn't know was that her brother josh knows one direction and those "buissness trips" he makes are really to go on tour. Josh gets a hold of Ariella's diary and the boys find it. What will happen next?


11. getting ready

Ariella's P.O.V

I got dressed and did my hair for our double date. Josh isn't talking to me because I told him that Harry is my boyfriend and Zayn left the tour bus like 10 minutes ago but he didn't tell us why. When Harry FINALLY was done getting ready (and they say girls take long) we left for the restruant that Sereen told us to go to. We go to the restruant and thank goodness we dressed nicely because it was a fancy place. We told them that we are looking for Sereen and the guy left and after 5 minutes he came back and took us to Sereens table, where she sat alone. " hi sereen. Where is your date?" I asked as me and sat down. "He just went to the Lou and will be back in a minute." She said. I nodded and looked at the menu. "Here he comes" sereen says and I look towards the bathroom. Wait isn't that- "who? All I see is Zayn" Harry says practically reading my mind. 

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