Diary of a Directioner

Ariella loves one direction. Everyday she writes in her diary about something that happened that involves one direction. She is the #1 fan. What Ariella didn't know was that her brother josh knows one direction and those "buissness trips" he makes are really to go on tour. Josh gets a hold of Ariella's diary and the boys find it. What will happen next?


7. authors note read

Hey guys! I decided that every few chapters I will take questions that you guys write in the comments about well anything and I will answer them! Plz don't be shy to ask whats on your mind and ask as many questions as you want! Well thanks for reading! Bye my lovelies! Lol did anyone catch that lovelies= love lies which is fan fiction? No? Well now you know well anyways. I am also looking for a coauthor for this story write in the comments if you're interested. Bye! :-) 

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