Summer Thirteen

Kate goes on vacation for the summer to the tropical island of Hawaii where she meets Shay, a local who own a shop and becomes her closest friend and Chaz, a local boy who has her just under his fingertips... what happens when they become close friends and what if they just happen to fall in love? <3


2. Settling In

~Kate's POV~

I opened the huge dresser doors and found a ton of hangers to put my clothes on. I began unpacking my suitcase and realized I didn't have a lot of clothes. I guess it's a good thing that I brought my debit card with me, I smiled. Shopping sounds like a great idea... I opened the balcony doors to let the trade winds blow through my room. It beats having to pay for air conditioning all summer, then I went to the bathroom to put all of my toiletries in the drawers and put my hair products on the counter by the sink. I look like a mess, I should change I say to myself. I grabbed a blue sundress with a rope as the straps and my white pumps, I reapplied my mascara and lipgloss and tugged my hair into a loose braid. Better, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I grabbed my purse and my sunglasses and headed out the door. I walked back to the elevator by myself thinking about where I would go to get some clothes and where I should eat dinner at. When the elevator arrived it was already almost full of people so I had to squeeze myself in. The two women beside of me were discussing where they should go to dinner and one of them mumbled something about Stacey's Bar and Grill, right.. I remember the cab driver saying that was a good place to eat. I'll go there I decided. When the elevator hit the main floor I walked through the foyer and out the main doors. I found a cab right off that had just dropped an elderly couple off and hopped in the backseat. I told him to go to the outlet and that I would be fine from there. When I got to the outlet I found a Coach store.. YES! I thought, this is perfect.. I paid the cab driver and half way fell out of the cab trying to get my purse from the seat beside me. I ran into the Coach store and found a beautiful beach bag that would work great for taking stuff back and forth.. I took it to the counter and paid and then left. I found a Macy's and grabbed some new MAC makeup and a bottle of perfume just incase I meet someone I told myself. Once I paid for that I went back outside and saw a little store called Shay's Beachware. It couldn't hurt to try I thought. A bell rang when I walked in the door and the girl behind the counter smiled at me. Hello I said. Hi, welcome to my shop, if there's anything I can help you with let me know she said. I will, I responded and gave her a smile. I found a few bikini's and two surf shirts and brought them to the counter. These are cute, I hope you like them, my name is Shay by the way.. It's nice to meet you, she said as she extended her hand. Mine is Kate I said as I shook her hand. I'm eighteen and I'm here for the summer... Do you happen to know where Stacey's Bar and Grill is? I replied. Yeah, I'm about to close.. we could go together if you wanted... she said. Sure! I could use a friend. I smiled at her and she said, Yeah, we can take my car and then I can drop you off afterwards. Cool! Let's go I replied. I helped her close up her shop and we went to the restaurant. After we finished dinner she took me back to the hotel. Bye she called to me as I climbed out of her car.. Bye! I yelled back. This is going to be a great Summer, I smiled. I went back into the hotel and took the elevator to my room. It had cooled down considerably since I cracked the balcony door. I went and closed the door and then went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Once I was ready for bed I crawled into the huge king size bed and turned off the lamp.

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