Summer Thirteen

Kate goes on vacation for the summer to the tropical island of Hawaii where she meets Shay, a local who own a shop and becomes her closest friend and Chaz, a local boy who has her just under his fingertips... what happens when they become close friends and what if they just happen to fall in love? <3


1. Goodbye

~Kate's pov~

I stood at the landing of the plane waving at my mom and dad as everyone was climbing up the ladder to take their seats. My mom looked sad and my dad looked worried as I gave them one last wave before climbing up the ladder myself to find my seat on the plane. Hawaii, I thought to myself... Finally, a whole summer to myself. I had this trip planned ever since freshman year, my bestfriend was supposed to come with me, but like any relationship of mine, our friendship ended before the trip came. This didn't bother me though, a trip to myself.. a hotel room to myself, one with a kitchen at an island resort. I liked the way it sounded. I pulled my notebook out of my satchel and started a list of things I wanted to do when I landed. Number one on my list was to learn to surf, this made me smile. I wasn't going to learn to surf unless I had a hot guy teach me. This summer is going to be great I told the woman sitting next to me on the plane. She just smiled at me and continued to look at her Readers Digest magazine. I looked around the plane to see if there were any cute guys, but there weren't so i pulled out my iphone and plugged my headphones in and listened to my music. I felt a tap on my shoulder and noticed the woman sitting beside me scowling, i pulled my headphone out and she told me my music was too loud. Oops, I smiled and turned my music off. Gosh, I thought.. it wasn't even turned half way up. I resorted to looking out of the small window at the clouds and the ocean underneath of the plane. When the flight attendant asked if I would like something to drink I smiled and took a water. I was relieved when the woman beside me fell asleep. I was able to listen to my music now, without her complaining. The pilot came over the intercom and announced that we would be landing in 30 minutes and the woman beside me woke up. That was a short flight she said, and I just nodded. I thought to myself it was probably because she slept, but I didn't say anything else to her. When the plane landed I couldn't wait to get to my luggage and find my hotel. I wanted to get to the beach. When I saw my blue suitcase coming across the luggage conveyor belt I swiped it up and made a mad dash for the door. The airport was crowded and I needed to get a cab to take me to my hotel. Thankfully there was a cab driver that pulled up right after I walked out and was very happy to take me to the hotel. The cab driver rambled on about how the Island was great for sightseeing and that I should visit the historical places and pointed out some of the best local restaurants. When we finally reached the hotel I thanked him and gave him a 20 for a tip since he had given me such good information. I walked into the lobby and then walked over to the front desk and handed the woman at the counter my papers. She smiled and gave me my room key and pointed towards the foyer and said to go to the left that there would be an elevator I could take. I got into the elevator and pressed D, that was the floor I was going to be staying on. Then I walked to room 205, swiped the card and found a huge suite with a large kitchen, an enormous bathroom, a king size bed, and a huge balcony overlooking the harbor. This is the life! I was gonig to have the best summer ever!

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