Summer Thirteen

Kate goes on vacation for the summer to the tropical island of Hawaii where she meets Shay, a local who own a shop and becomes her closest friend and Chaz, a local boy who has her just under his fingertips... what happens when they become close friends and what if they just happen to fall in love? <3


3. A New Beginning

~Shay's POV~

Bye I called out to Kate as she climbed out of my car. She was really nice, I can't wait to hangout with her again. I pulled away from her hotel and onto the highway to get back to my store.. well home. Most locals like me live above our stores, that's how we pay for them. Ping my phone went off in the cup holder of my Volkswagen Beetle. I picked it up and it was from my friend Chaz.. *Who was that girl I saw you with.. She was hot!!* Oh Chaz, I thought.. WAIT! He must have been spying on me again.. leave it to him. I began typing back, *If I know you.. which I think I do.. you'll find out yourself* ping. I knew the message sent. There's no way I could keep him from her. He would find her eventually. She is pretty though, I bet we will become best friends. So what if Chaz winds up with her, atleast she'll be my friend. This could be a new beginning for me. I could finally have a good friend.. other than Chaz, the annoying guy that I've been friends with since kindergarten. Ping my phone went off again.. *Yes, I'm definatley going to meet her.* I threw my phone down in the passenger seat and turned the radio up... When I got back home I saw Chaz's mustang convertible in the driveway. This boy does not give up! Ugh, I climbed out of my car and went into the house. Hey, Chaz piped up when I walked in the door. What do you want!? I snapped back at him. He was just glowing and I knew what that look meant. You didn't respond so I came over here to find out more about her. There's not much to tell, I replied.. now can't you go home I have to get to sleep. Just tell me where she's staying and I'll be out of your hair. Fine Chaz! She's staying at the Hilton downtown, are you happy now I screeched. VERY! He yelled as he ran out of my house. Stupid boy I thought. Ping *I am going to the harbor tomorrow so that I have a chance of meeting her* I'm going to get a headache I thought. I went to lock the door and then I climbed in the shower. When I got out I saw another message from Chaz.. what does he want now! I opened the message anyways. *I know which room is hers, it has the balcony.. She'll have to see me tomorrow* Well la de da, I thought. He would find her, poor thing. With that I shut my phone off and went to bed thinking about new beginnings.

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