Drop Dead Gorgeous

When Lexi and her friends go to a One Direction concert they go backstage to meet the boys. She chats with Niall, her favorite band member, and he gives her his number. They start talking and eventually start dating. Aol their love last while Niall l is on tour or will they be torn apart? Read it and find out.
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3. thw Meet and Greet

Lexi's P.O.V.

The concert was great. I noticed that Niall had glanced over in my direction a lot. So did the other guys but they were probably just looking around. When we were walking to the meet and greet I stopped the girl's to tell them the surprise " Wait." I said " I need to tell you something very important." "What, I want to go." Chloe said " We get to stay backstage for an hour! And... no one else but us and the guys will be there!!!" They all started screaming and then they gave me a hug. They started to calm down when we got to the doors that led backstage. "Okay guys , you , should probably cover your ears cause I'm going to scream." Willow said " We all are'" Lindsay said shaking.I don't know why I was nervous but I was. When we went inside we all froze like we were paralyzed because the guys were standing there. The boys turned around and Niall started staring at me. Maybe he did wink at me. He was  so perfect. Claire finally snapped us out of our paralyzation. "Say something" she said to me okay. " Hi, um um I'm Lexi." I said nervously. The girls then introduced themselves. After that we all started asking questions that we knew the answers to. We eventually broke off  in to separate conversations. It was weird because I ended up talking with Niall. I had a huge crush on him if you couldn't tell. Niall was really sweet. We talked about a whole bunch of random things.

Niall's P.O.V.

I could not stop looking at the girl in the green shirt. She was drop dead gorgeous. She had pretty brow eyes and brown hair. She started talking so I snapped out of my day-dream. "Hi, um I'll m Lexington." She said. 'That's a pretty name' I thought to myself.the rest of the girl's introduced themselves but I wasn't paying attention. They asked us a couple of questions and then we started talking with each girl individually. I walked up to Lexi and she was really sweet and funny. " so what do you want to talk about?" I asked. " I don't know. I'm just trying not to scream." She said while laughing. " Did I really just say that out loud?" "Yeah,you did." I said. Lexi started laughing again. I liked her laugh. It was cute. We started talking about our favorite foods and music. It was nice. Finally, the hour had past. They were getting ready to leave so I decided to give her my number. " It was nice meeting you." I said giving her the sheet of paper with my number on it. On the way back to the flat, I couldn't stop thinking about her.

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