I Have Cryed For Him

Its been 11 Years since Scorpios and Lily got married at Hogwarts and had there twins Tesa and Louis. Tesa Louis and there cousins Kassity and Tom. Kassity is Albus and Mily's daughter Mily is Luna LoveGood daughter and also Neville daughter. Tom is James and Holly Brown Is Josh Brown and Katelyn Chowdee. Tesa is a light red head with platinum blound highlights and she is good at everything and loves to read and Happy is amazing on a broom,Louis is a Platinum blound Sex god all the girls want him he is also good on a broom but a beater chaser his sister is a beater and he is amazing with a wand but his best is to make people love him him and his sister are the best. This is there 3 year and everyone wants a taste of the twins and there famly for how rich they are lets see this shall we ??!!! here are what houses there in Gryffindor but the twins are in Slythren.There is also a boy jus like Draco but her has Blound hair and blue eyes and is a Slythren and he has a crush


3. Secret to a family (Tanya)

I walked in to the Great Hall with my brother and Louis and his twin Tesa and there Cousin's Tom and  Kassity. Kassy and Tom are in Gryffindor unlike me my brother and Tesa and Louis witch I think I have a crush on  "So??" My brother said "Umm do you know any Werewolves"  Louis asked "Yes but muther says not to go to close to her father doesn't like mum very much " I mumbled 'oh im sorry" Tesa looked at me and took my hand then I felt something a tingle I guess "Oh thank you" she smiled "I love your hair" Tesa said "thank you my mum's is curly to " I smiled blushing a dark red Father says don't show emotion "so Lou what are you hoping for" Louis is cute Hot sexy everyone in Slythren call's him the Sex God and his sister the Sex Goddess I blushed again when he says my name it makes me go girly "come sister we must go see Father he will want us two" I nodded said good bye and left with my brother Dustin " Dusty do you think this is good a Potter and Malfoy with us being are friends " I asked my brother " Dustin" he turned to me "Yes Tan" I couldn't look at him "Do you like umm -Tesa" he looked at me but dint show emotion "Maybe what about you and Louis" I looked away "nothing" I hissed "Oh Okay" I sighed "lets go" I threw in the Floo Powder  "Riddle Mannor" I threw it and I heard a <POP> and then we were standing in front of our Parents "YOU CAN NOT BE ANYWERE NEAR MY CHILDREN" I heard our father yell at our muther "Daddy were home'" I yelled threw the house and the he apprised "Hello there angel and my little Boy" he smiled and kissed my forehead and he shook my brothers hand "Muther" we said and she bowed "children" she smiled and gave us a cup of water "How Dare you touch me" my brother said and muther stopped and looked at him "What d you ever mean Dustin'' she asked her eyebrows lifting "he doesn't mean it mum " I said quietly before her hand came up to slap me and then I felt it a hard and delicate hand go over my skin and then my father was there "HOW DARE YOU HIT HER" My father and Brother say together "Im sorry dear" she whispered "lets go Dusty" I grabbed his hand and we were gone in another <POP> I rubbed my cheek once we were back in our camanroom "SO were did you go" Louis was sitting on the sofa my brother had gone up to bed "Louis what are you doing" I asked blushing "Trying to figure you out " he said and I tried not to blush or show him id been slapped "whats wrong with your cheek" he asked "My Muther hit me that's all Louis" he got up and moved my hand " Your red" he leand close and kissed my cheek and I blushed a deep red "We should get to bed " he wisperd "Okay"..


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