I Have Cryed For Him

Its been 11 Years since Scorpios and Lily got married at Hogwarts and had there twins Tesa and Louis. Tesa Louis and there cousins Kassity and Tom. Kassity is Albus and Mily's daughter Mily is Luna LoveGood daughter and also Neville daughter. Tom is James and Holly Brown Is Josh Brown and Katelyn Chowdee. Tesa is a light red head with platinum blound highlights and she is good at everything and loves to read and Happy is amazing on a broom,Louis is a Platinum blound Sex god all the girls want him he is also good on a broom but a beater chaser his sister is a beater and he is amazing with a wand but his best is to make people love him him and his sister are the best. This is there 3 year and everyone wants a taste of the twins and there famly for how rich they are lets see this shall we ??!!! here are what houses there in Gryffindor but the twins are in Slythren.There is also a boy jus like Draco but her has Blound hair and blue eyes and is a Slythren and he has a crush


4. Im trying to figuer you out (Louis)

I watched her go up to hert room she looked amazing but also diffrent she looked way more like Bellatrix "I am going to find out who your real dad is" i wisperd to my self as i walked to my bed.The next morning we went to the Great Hall all together 'hey Tanya " i waved to her and shje blushed but waved back and Dustin was looking at us wierd bt then my sister broke it "Hey Tan Dust Lou do you want to meet up tonight at teh black lake??" she asked us and wer all agreed about 7:00 would be fine and we all went in then after we had class i had Trans with Tanya so we sat together my sister has Charms and Dustin has Charms also. We were turning water in to a animal Tanya's was a Tiger and mine was A Lion <This is going to be a intresting year> I thought after class we all meet up for flying then me and Tanya go to Charms while the others go to Transand then last but not least is Poions for me and Tydraa while the other to have Greenhouse they already had Potions.... (OH NO)...

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