I Have Cryed For Him

Its been 11 Years since Scorpios and Lily got married at Hogwarts and had there twins Tesa and Louis. Tesa Louis and there cousins Kassity and Tom. Kassity is Albus and Mily's daughter Mily is Luna LoveGood daughter and also Neville daughter. Tom is James and Holly Brown Is Josh Brown and Katelyn Chowdee. Tesa is a light red head with platinum blound highlights and she is good at everything and loves to read and Happy is amazing on a broom,Louis is a Platinum blound Sex god all the girls want him he is also good on a broom but a beater chaser his sister is a beater and he is amazing with a wand but his best is to make people love him him and his sister are the best. This is there 3 year and everyone wants a taste of the twins and there famly for how rich they are lets see this shall we ??!!! here are what houses there in Gryffindor but the twins are in Slythren.There is also a boy jus like Draco but her has Blound hair and blue eyes and is a Slythren and he has a crush


1. The Train (Tesa)

I walked down stares "Mummy" I walked down and ran right in to my brother "Louis" I whined "what sis" he put an arm around me "Lou" I whined again "Let me go Daddy" our father walked up to us and laughed "WHAT"S SO FUNNY DADDY" I yelled "your still calling me daddy what you want huh "I looked at him  and ran up to my room and grabbed my Guitar and started playing beside my window " How do I look around. How can you look at me with so much sadness in the air How can I think without their beside me-e-e So how do I look around this empty room by my self I v been think I have watched I have heard the rumors before so let go to night" I stopped right then my Mum came in "Darling your Uncles are here" she smiled and I put my things up and then walked down with Mum to the living room "HEY" I heard some one yelled I walked around the corner to see my best friend " Kassity" I squeld     and ran in to her arms "Hey are you excited " she asked "Yes"  we were in my bed room now "so are you packed to go back" I smiled "Of course you know me and my brother being in Slythren and you two being in Griff" I smiled again    "Yay"  then Mum walked in "Girls were leaving" we got up and we got our things and the next thing we know were at the train station "Grandpa Grandma" I ran to Ginny and Harry "Grandmamma Granddaddy" I ran over to Molly and Author "hey there my great grand babys " I smiled and then my parents hugged there parents Ginny and Harry  and Ginny hugged her muther Molly "Hi Mum" Ginny hugged her mum and then my mum hugged her "Hi" we all got on the plat form my Kitten June and my owl Heat my brother has a Owl Kat "Come June " I said and we got on the train its also raining me and Lou sat in a compartment and then this girl which is obsessed with him "LOUIS" she screeched she's Pansy Parkinson's daughter Victoria "Go away Victoria'' he hissed at her and she started whining "OH SHUT UP" I yelled at her and she started harder "SHUT THE FUCK UP OKAY YOU BITCH " I yelled at her "YOU SLUT WHO YOU GOING TO SLEEP WITH TODAY" she yelled back just then my boyfriend walked in "Kevin she called me a slut" he sat down and pulled me on his lap and started kissing me " Lou" she said and then turned to me "SLUT" then all you saw was my brother get up and slap her "DONT YOU EVER TALK ABOUT A MALFOY POTTER LIKE THAT" he said slowly .We started seeing Hogwarts "Look Lou" I said and then walked away...

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