Mickey is very eccentric and unique. She becomes partially blind when she's about four years old after having a "staring contest with the sun." In school she more than excels at math, but reading baffles her. She can come up with a great story, but with her terrible spelling skills she can can't write them down.


1. Mickey's Logic

As long as Mickey could remember, she had never gone by her real name, Michelle. Her overprotective parents had liked the name at first, but as their daughter grew they knew that somehow it didn't fit. The name Mickey just made much more sense. 

Mickey wasn't what you would call normal. She was very bright and intellectual inside, but she often did some very strange things. Many of them seemed rather purposeless, but whenever someone asked she always had a reason for what she did. 

"Why did you mix ketchup with ice cream?"

"I wanted ice cream, and I wanted ketchup."

"Why did you spill grape juice on your nice white shirt?"

"It was too boring."

"Why did you try to cut my bangs with a pair of scissors?"

"They were getting in your eyes."

This was the least of the odd things she did. She always said that because she never did something without a reason, she was "logical." Her parents thought this was debatable. 

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