Marzia moves out of her home in italy to see her bestfriend Daniel. When she gets there, She meets Ariana grande and The rest of the janoskians. What they dont know is how horrible she use to have it back in italy. She starts crushing and doesnt know if she can trust him.


1. Welcome Back

I watched the couples walk with eachother and the army wives jumping into their husbands arms

Now that ive landed, i have to wait 2 hours till Daniel gets here

This is great

Daniel and me, we go way back, further than 3rd grade

When i was 6, i went to visit my Aunt Lyra in Ausi

When she took me to the park, i met Daniel

Not in the best way tho.

He stuck a woogie in my ear and threw rocks at me

By the time we knew it, we were wrestling next to the jungle gym

Thats how my Aunt and his mom met

And became best friends

I visit every summer, and usually Aunt Lyra picks me up

But now that ive turned 19, im moving in with Daniel

But i havnt seen him for about 3 years

He's a little famous now. Well...ok Alot

My phone buzzed and i looked down to see Daniel's number pop up

I quickly answered and put the phone up to my ear

'Hello' My voice cracked

'Where are you?' His voiced seem shaky, and he breathed hevily

'By the ticket section' I turned towards the tickets

'Go to the entrance' He said and i smiled hanging up

I put my stuff in my purse and began to run, grabbing my luggage

I reached the front door, and to my dissapointment, he was gone

I frowned, my face completely dropping

"Hello there love"

Arms quickly turned me, and pulled me into a hug, causing me to be shocked

But then it sunk in what just happened, and i hugged back

"Daniel, ive missed you so much" I whispered and he smiled into my neck

The smell of clone clogging my nose

Overdose much?

"Ive missed you to" He spoke hugging me tighter

We stayed like that for a few moments and then pulled away

He grabbed one luggage bag and my purse, helping me with my stuff

Once we got out, Daniels cab driver opened the back, and took my bags from me

We got into the car together, and once my but hit the soft seat,i yawned

Daniel noticed and put me in a position to where i was on his shoulder

"We'll be there in about 20 minuets, ill wake you then"

I nodded, and closed my eyes 

Soon, i couldnt see anything and my mind went blank


"Marzia" He whispered, shaking my shoulder lightly

I opened my eyes to a big house, with lots of lights outside

I looked around, to see that i was behind a gate

Daniel put his hand on the small of my back and led me inside

I groggily rubbed my eyes, from just waking up

Daniel closed the door behind us,

and noises of talking and video games errupted the house

"BOYS! SHES HERE!" Daniel yelled, hurting my head

An Attractive boy with brown hair with a blue stripe and a lip ring walked up to me

"Your Marzia?" I nodded and he smiled sweetly

"Im luke" His accent hung thick and smooth off his words

He opened his arms for a hug, and motioned for me to give him one

I felt a tug, and noticed Daniels over protective face

"Its ok" I giggled and accepted the offer

He held me for a while

Unusual for someone ive just met

But his scent was a mixture of axe and the justin bieber perfume

I smiled pulling away from him

"Well the other boys are playing FIFA, want to play?"

His smile was genuine and kind, making me blush

"I would, but its late and im exhausted" I whispered and he smiled

"Yeah, shes been on a plane for 7 hours, i think she should get some rest"

Daniel pitched in, and i smiled lightly

"Its alright, ill save a spot for you tommarow" He said hopefully and i giggled

"Sure thing"

I spoke and he nodded, hugging me quickly and running off with the other boys 

"Lets show you to your room" Daniel spoke softly

I nodded, and helped pull the luggage upstairs

But before i went, somthing caught my eyes

And that something was a tatted up guy with read hair and colored eyes

He was probrably the most beautiful guy ive ever seen


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