Marzia moves out of her home in italy to see her bestfriend Daniel. When she gets there, She meets Ariana grande and The rest of the janoskians. What they dont know is how horrible she use to have it back in italy. She starts crushing and doesnt know if she can trust him.


2. Crazy boys

I woke up to the sound of boys arguing and playing around

I rubbed my eyes, tiredly stretching and yawning

Soon, i was infront of the restroom mirror, washing my face

And putting my light brown ombre hair in a wavy ponytail

Jogging downstairs, i noticed 2 guys who looked alike

And the guy i saw yesterday sitting on the couch

"Morning sleeping beauty" Luke spoke and Daniel glared at him

"Goodmorning little sis, how'd you sleep?" Daniel asked smiling at me

"Great" I said shyly and smiled lightly

"Come sit" Luke patted a spot between him and Daniel

"Im James" A big guy said from across the hall

"Hi james" I exclaimed and he laughed

"Im Jai" The guy who looked like luke said "Lukes twin"

I giggled and nodded "Explains alot"

"Im Beau" His voice was high ,but low, soft but a little raspy

My cheeks warmed and my smile softened

"Im Marzia" I spoke, lighter than expected

"She's my girlfriend" Luke pitched in and Daniel slapped the back of his head

I shook my head, laughing. I leaned back, only to find Lukes arm

My eyes widened and he blushed, taking his arm away

"Well what are we watching?" I asked, putting my head on Daniels shoulder

"Glee" They all said in usion, making me confused

"Why....?" I blew it off, not even wanting to know

"Marzia" Luke said, standing infront of the tv

"HEY!!" all the boys yelled, and he chuckled

"Wanna go get breakfast" He asked and all the boys cheered

I got to the car, after the boys filled all the seats

"Really?" i said and Daniel laaughed

"Just sit on Beaus lap, he wont mind"

I turned my head to Beau, to see him smiling cheekily,patting hiss lap

I chuckled, shaking my head, and stepped in

Once i was completely on Beaus lap, the door shut and we were off


We entered a pretty door, with the starbucks sign on it

"What do you want?" Skip asked and i shrugged

"Green Tea frappe i guess" I twiddled with my thumbs

"Thats wierd" Beau mumbled under his breath

"What is?" I asked, scared to think i was wierd

"I usualy get the same thing" I blushed and my dimple popped out

"Awe, your cute dimple" James sang, poking my cheek

I giggled, and turned, to see Beau holding my drink

"Thank you" My voice was higher than i thought it would be

But its ok

He chuckled, and for a moment, we gazed at eachother

"Come on ,love" Luke yelled, pulling me towards a big circle table

"Come sit by me, so we can finally talk" Jai pitched in, and i sat next to him

"So who is your celeb crush?" Jai asked, batting his eyelashes crazily

"Id have to say....." I said, leaning on my elbow for support

I took a sip of my drink and then brought the answer to my head

"Louis Tomlinon" I spoke proudly, and Luke laughed

"One direction girl?" He asked raising his eyebrow

"Nah, i think hes really hot tho" I spoke, taking another sip

"Nice, hes a looker" He winked and i chuckled

"Whos yours, jai jai?" I asked and he blushed madly

"My girlfriend Ariana Grande" '

He spoke, whipping his head to put his hair out of his face

"HOW CUTE!!!" I said, smiling like an idiot

"Its love" He said, wipping away whip cream from his cup

"Love love love, what is it good for? Absolutly nothing"

I said, qouting Effy from Skins

"Lol, i love you Marzibear" Daniel said cheekily

"I love you to Daniboo"

He blushed, knowing the boys were going to tease him

"Beau whos yours?" Luke asked, and he chuckled

"Id have to say Marzia, because she is naturally prettier than every girl ive ever seen"

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