Death Will Release You

This is the story of Aurora Darksky, who's mother fell in love with Thanatos, the god of death and had a child with him. Follow the demon-angel Aurora through her life and through love, heartbreak, friendship and hardship, as she discovers the costs of letting humans know who you are.

-Every other chapter will be a flashback. I know you people are gonna want to know about the 17 years before the start so it is provided. -


1. Souls

I blew out the candles of the cake I was given for my eighteenth birthday, as cliche as it was, it made me feel almost normal but the black wings with the grey skeleton pattern, showed the whole supernatural world I was a demon. And I didn't care honestly. 

"What did you wish for Aurora?" Asked my best friend, Shali Locke asked me. 

"Well, if I told you that, it wouldn't come true would it?" I told her with a smirk on my face. 

She smirked back at me and we both laughed. 

"C'mon girls, Thanatos has a gift to present to Aurora," my mother told me and I smiled. My dad was here!

We followed my mother out and I hugged the man that's wings resembled mine. "Dad!" I smiled and looked up at him. 

"Hello Aurora, are you ready for your gift?" He asked sending me that smile that had made my mother fall in love with him and made everyone question the fact he was actually  the god of Death. 

I nodded enthusiastically and he told me what it was. I was so happy, it was the best present I could have gotten. 

"Your going to let me take all of their souls! Dad that's the best gift you could have given me!" 

"Well, I'm glad you like it. Let's go." 

He led us as Shali and I flew behind him to the High School where they were having their school dance and everyone was there. 

Shali and I sent a combined fire ball at the school and it turned into an inferno that no one could have escaped. The school collapsed around us and under the protection of my fathers force field, we collected the souls till we were on a high from them all, they could keep us going for weeks. 

We danced around collecting them into our mouths from all around the school, the top of the force field where they were trying to escape, or the bottom where they were rising from the dead bodies. 

After we had collected them all, my father sent a notice to his boss, about the bodies and that the hell-hounds could have them. 

I was on a high from them all when I waved goodbye to my father and Shali as I kept dancing through the flames, till I noticed something stirring in the pile of bodies. I narrowed my eyes and sent the bodies flying against the walls till my red eyes landed on the body that was moving. I swept my jet black hair back and landed next to it and noticed it was a boy, around my age, and he had white wings, a real angel. 

"What are you doing here? Good angels aren't supposed to be here, this is demon territory!" I shouted a black fire ball rising in my hand. 

"My assignment moved here, and I had to follow, he's dead now but," a cough from him as he rose  to his knees, "I can't die, so please, heal me. I'm in pain." 

I smirked, "There's only one way I can heal you, and you know what it is." The fireball disappeared.

"I do, and I submit to you. I, Caldon Darkburn, submit myself to you." 

"Ironic name for a good angel, don't you think?" I teased. 

"Please, heal my pain. I'm begging you." 

"Fine! I'll do it." I closed my eyes and placed my hands on his shoulders, muttering the spell and swept my hands down his body as the black followed me and turned him. 

When I stepped back and he rose to his feet. I examined my handy work. His bleached white hair was now jet-black like mine, his golden eyes red, his white clothes all black and my favourite, his wings were now black and had a gray spot along the bottom of his wings, showing I was the one who changed him. 

"You are now, a demon-angel and my servant." 

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