From Enemy To My Everything

Michelle never had enemies matter of fact she loves everyone...except Alex. Alex is the tough guy of the school that everyone is scared of. When Michelle and Alex come into contact will they still be enemies or be each other's everything.. STAY TUNED MY LITTLE DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10. Wait A Minute Girl?!

Michelle's POV

M- wait so im breaking up with him

K-NO NO  NO i didnt mean that i just thought u would have had a little consideration over what I said but just waitch out ok gurl

M-ight Kayla i feel u gurl

K- Thank u gurly

M-gtg hes calling me now

K-kk have fun but not too much



Hey guys i know this was short but i wanted this short vhapter to lead into a long one and since i myself havent really been on i need something to help our brains all catch up. If you are confused leave some comment/ questions so i can get your feedback or to clarify anything that is unclear.



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