From Enemy To My Everything

Michelle never had enemies matter of fact she loves everyone...except Alex. Alex is the tough guy of the school that everyone is scared of. When Michelle and Alex come into contact will they still be enemies or be each other's everything.. STAY TUNED MY LITTLE DIVAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7. Oh Lord

Alex's P.O.V

I don't know why I kissed Michelle. I also don't know what she thinks of me now. It just felt so right to kiss her when I looked into her pretty brown eyes. I am supposed to be the bad guy but I cant be bad if I'm falling for the girls I'm supposed to be running over with my player truck. I got one of my guys to ask one of Michelle's friends to give me her number. For some reason Kayla and Michelle have been avoiding each other but I'm not getting into that. So I texted her and this was how it went.


A: Hey Michelle

M: What the h*** do you want

A: What's up with the attitude

M: Well what IS up with the attitude, Kayla found out about our conversation and the little kissing session we had and now she won't talk to me because I told her I can handle this relationship and she told me go ahead and don't talk to me and that was the end of it. Are you happy with yourself player boy? Because there is no relationship between us, matter of fact there is no US. It's Alex plus some other chick s=and Michelle doing something else with someone else.

A: Michelle I'm sorry

M: Leave me alone and don't you dare bring your a** to my house again.

A: Please don't let us end this way

No response from Michelle

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